All-Star Music Family Suites


Walt Disney World will soon announce that 192 family-suites units will soon open in the Jazz and Calypso buildings at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort. The suites will be 520 square feet, and will include all new furniture, two full baths and a small kitchenette with microwave, under counter refrigerator, sink, a coffee maker and some small cabinets.

The suites will be 2 of the current rooms combined to make one suite. The main bedroom will have a queen bed and 27" flat screen television. The second room has a double sleeper sofa, convertible twin chair sleeper and convertible twin ottoman. All of the suites are all non-smoking and have daily fee high-speed Internet access. The suites will sleep 6, 2 in the main bedroom and 4 in the second room.

The rates for the suites are rumored to be slightly more than the moderate resorts. Prices should be about $169 for value season, $209 for regular season, $239 for peak season and $259 for holiday season.

The Suites are currently under construction, and have not yet been officially announced. Reservations for the suites will be available once the announcement is made. No indication has been given as to when the suites will be available.

Please contact our sponsor Mouseketrips if you are intersted in staying in the new All-Star Music Family suites.


I think this a great option for those of us with 5 or 6 in the family and it is about time Disney provides us with a reasonably priced option. The prices aren’t bad, especially if they come out with an AP discount for them.


Awesome news mickey! Thanks for the info :mickey:


awesome news mickey! thanks for the info too.:mickey:


Thanks for the news! This is a great option for those with larger families, or those who just require more room…like DH!!! And $169 a night in Value Season isn’t SO bad for a suite.


I think it’s great that WDW is finally thinking of options for families of 5 or more! Even with the price being slightly higher than a mod-that’s still a good price considering what you get! The fact that the kids can go to sleep and not be disturbed is so nice. There have been times, when we travel, that my DH and I have to end up going to bed because the kids can’t sleep with lights or the TV on. Of course, Disney has never been a problem because we wear them out! :wink:


I think it’s great that WDW is finally making a more affordable option for larger parties or familes of five or more. This sounds great. I can’t wait to hear how they turn out.


I agree, wonderful idea, way overdue. Would be great to see the second half of Pop Century converted over as well.


I was going to post the same thing. Of course, great minds…

If the suites are added at each value resort, then it may be worth building the Pop with standard and family suite rooms as well.


Sounds nice! I agree that the 2nd half of Pop would look good like this. Maybe they want to see how it would go over first? But still, sounds like a great idea!


I know we’ll be getting a suite in the future. A really great idea! (I’m hoping for some at Pop!)


Fantastic Idea! Now Disney is using their collective heads!!!


I wonder when they’ll be open…hmmmm
My mom is coming in early to mid August, maybe by then?
We’ll see! Thanks fir the update Mickey :mickey:


What a great idea. This is going to be a great option for larger families.


Any idea when this might kick off?


Mousesavers has updated some info on their web site… they report that 52 suites will be available by June and another 140 will open by this fall. The anticipated date for reservatios is approximately March 6.


Very interesting… This may work for our Nov. trip. Thanks! :cool:


With all due respect, I hope “more affordable” option doesn’t mean more smoking, tattoed, muscle shirted people who belong at Six Flags. My thoughts are if you can’t afford or just complain about the prices at WDW then it’s not the vacation spot for you. I get tired of reading about all the places of how to schrimp at WDW. I wish and hope it continues a tradition of quality rather than people who tear it up and complain of costs. Sorry, my thoughts.


Your thoughts are always welcomed of course, but I have no idea where you are getting this from?? I don’t see how smoking, tattoed or wearing muscle shirts makes someone a bad person. I do not like your seriosuly closed mind at all. Just because someone looks different from you doesn’t make them less than what you think you are. I to get tired of hearing people cheat WDW, but having affordable accomindations for families of 5 or more is someting that has been a long time coming. People have been getting two rooms at a value or god forbid going off site to be able to take their families to WDW. This is only a way to ensure people stay on site more…better for WDW. You should think a bit more before you type. Your opinions as stated could hurt feelings and that kind of stuff seriously isn’t the norm on DC or welcome here.


That’s great news. Thanks for the heads up Mickey.