All Star Music-Family Suites!


Hello Disney nuts, I wanted to make resevations for our trip to the Not So Scary Halloween Party for 10-18. I called like on the 15th and found one, only one, room available. We were also trying to go budget this time around. It also happened to be at an Annual Passholder rate at 89.00 including tax… Lucky me right? Well, it gets better. We get there and check in. The cast member, Jenny I think asks, “You had the Family Suite right?” I say, "YYYYYYeeesssss."nm:glare: Im like, no one told me that on the phone. So I didnt tell my DW and 3 DS’s the suprise til I got to the room. I open the door and Im beholden to see this awesome living room :blink: with flat screen tv (Big too), fold out couch, fold out chair, and fold out OTTOMAN! I couldnt belive it had a fold out ottoman. I walk down the hall to find a wet bar, with fridge etc. 2 bathrooms, and a bedoom with another tv. The Halloween Party was great, and I will go back next year. But that room was just above and beyond. 89.00 bux! I didnt receive any Disney Dreams at the parks, but Ill tell ya, I got one in that room. We will return to a family suite in the future. I highly reccomend them!


Sounds great! What a surprise. Pics please. Hey, how about a TR while you’re at it. We’d love to hear about your vacation.


Congrats! Yes and please post pics of the suite if you have them.


Thats great


Sounds like you had a really magical time - we’re crazy about Trip Reports around here - just scroll down to “Trip Reports” and tell us all about your holiday!:happy:


What a great deal! I’m glad you enjoyed the suite. :smile:


What an awesome surprise!!!


just wondering though----- it could only have been a suite because there are 5 of you correct? It is an awesome price either way!!


Pictures PLEASE!!!


You got a suite for $89??? WOW That sounds like some major pixie dust came your way. More details, please.