All Star Music Question


I was just looking at a map of All Star Music and was woundering something. There is a little building that sets off to the one side like by the parking lot. The map says it is Celebrity Hall, what is this???


This was on allears…

Celebrity Hall is located in the rear of the parking lot between Disney’s All Star Sports and All Star Music resorts. It is the “go to” building for all of the dance groups, cheer squads, Pop Warner teams, marching bands, choirs, etc. who come to Walt Disney World to perform or compete, and are staying at one of these resorts. It acts as a mini convention center for the groups, where they can check in, get their tickets and itineraries, gather to wait for their transportation, etc. The building is not open to the general public.


thanks…i could not understand why they would put a building in the middle of the parking lot area.


I learned something new today.:wink:


I just listened to a podcast trip report from a guy who goes a lot to Disney, has stayed in most of the resorts and just came back from one night in All Stars/Broadway and a few nights at POFQ and he says, much to his surprise, that he loved the room better at the Value than the Moderate :ohmy:


OoOoOooOOo Pod Cast “trip reporting!” I like that idea!!

Anyway, I have never seen this building we are speaking of but I know those All-Stars are CRAWLING with cheerleaders and such. I acutally always loved All-Star Music (always stayed in Calypso) and All-Star Movies (Fantasia only) but I never stayed in the Sports one!

I remember one time Michele and I REALLY “scored a room with a view” when there was a men’s soccer team practicing on the green everyday. :wub: :laugh: That was a nice trip! :laugh:


Are you telling us that you spent that whole trip in the hotel?:whistling


well the drool pretty much plastered us to the big glass window, we were stuck. haha. Nah, we were only 19/20… there was too much to do out there, like drink “virgin fruity drinks” at Pleasure Island and pretend we were real adults. :laugh: :rolleyes:


I have to agree . . . I stayed at PORS for $149/night this July and YES, the grounds are beautiful, the pool has a slide, BUT THE ROOM NEEDED A TOTAL REFURB!!! :ohmy:

I stayed at ASM in June and just this last weekend ($79/night) . . . and it is NEWLY painted inside and OUT, everything in the rooms ARE BRAND SPANKING NEW!! :wub: It was a much nicer experience then at PORS!!


That is when we were going to go, when all the cheerleaders and such was there (we went the last 3 years at this time-the first of Dec.). We have always stayed at the Values (POP and now ASMusic). We did not get the resies in when we wanted to so when we did book that week was sold out! Idiot jobs and boss’s always get in the way of Disney!!!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: