All Star Music Question


Hi everyone!

I have a simple question…does anyone know if the ASMU food court has an outside eating area? My family and I enjoy eating our breakfast outside when on vacation and when we stayed at ASMo there was a small space and when we stayed at AKL an even smaller space.

Thank you :happy:


You’re right about the ASMo. We stayed there in '05. We also stayed at ASM twice before and I’m almost positive I remember seeing outside seating. Can anyone confirm this? I didn’t realize there was going to be a quiz so I didn’t pay attention.:laugh:


Yea there is an outside seating.


I remember there being a small area outside to eat but this was several years ago. I’m not sure about now.


Thank you :happy:


thank you too:happy:


Yes we went to ASM last year and they had outside tables for eating.


I like Ringo’s All Starr Band.

Sorry, wrong All Star Music:glare:

I think there is some outside seating by the bar, but most of the time, Florida weather isn’t the best for outdoor dining.


Yes! They are the metal mesh seats and tables - perfect for dripping suits and condensation off your drinks! :happy: There are also tables and chairs around the pool - these have umbrellas, a little farther to walk, but at least there is some shade!