All star music suite


The last two visits to WDW our family stayed at Pop and were very happy but I’m interested in the family suites at All Star Music just for the space. Has anyone stayed here and were you pleased with the room. I haven’t checked the pricing out yet although I may be just as well getting two adjoining rooms at Pop instead (if they have that) Just wondering on anyones experience at the All Stars.



Hi, Caln.

I haven’t stayed at ASM, but what has kept me from trying AS resorts is the tendency to have large groups of [poorly] supervised teenagers. Pop doesn’t have that problem.


We have stayed at the All Stars 2x’s. IMO… it is themed great! However, I do not care to stay there in the future. We found it to be WAY to crowded. It is often times booked solid by large tour groups. We have experienced a LOT of teens at this resort like Cavey said. We experienced a lot of noise both inside and out of the rooms. A lot of running late at night, kids knocking on the wrong doors, etc. Not my idea of a peaceful resort. I am sure the suites are nice, but we stayed in adjoining rooms at the POP and it worked out great. POP was a little noisy for my taste as well… but not nearly as bad as All Stars.


I haven’t stayed at the All Star Music suites but I have gotten two connected rooms at Pop. I loved it there and never experience any problems with noise from other guests.


The pics of the suites look terrific!

Here is one of Pop Century Suite:

And here is one of ASM Suite:


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All Star Music is the only value with family suites.


We stayed at all star music- no problem with the resort, interconnecting rooms also suite’s available. we preferred it to Caribbean beach.


I didnt know POP had suites!!! :confused:

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I am going to stay in a ASM suite tomorrow. I will take as many pics as I can and post them in my TR. So, be sure to check there. I believe ASM is the only value with family suites though.