All Star or Port Orleans


We are headed down for a short vacation (4 nights). Its a princess weekend with my mom and daughter. We have stayed at many of the resorts, from Polynesian to Pop. I know the differences, but we will be cramming alot in to the four days and the difference is cost is around $250 - 300. So, would it be so bad to stay at the value resort, what are we really giving up?? Any ideas, I mean I think I know I just want help making the decision:blink:


IMHO… saving the $ and staying at POP is a good choice. IF you plan to cram a lot into those days… you probably won’t spend much time at your resort.


If you’re going quick and dirty, the values are more than you need. Besides, you’re on property and have the Disney Transport system at your disposal.


I’ve stayed at Pop before and I love it. So if you are not going to be at the hotel much. I would pick all star over PO just to save the money.


I would definitely stay at the POP Century and use the savings to buy something for myself!!:laugh:


I would stay at a value also. You could do a lot with that extra money. You won’t be spending much time at the resort, anyway.


I feel like Im hit with that same choice everytime I consider going down to Disney. Should I upgrade, especially if it is a short trip. I always feel like it is not a major upgrade since it does not cost that much.

My not such a big problem is that everytime I go to do a short trip at an upgraded resort I always make it an 8 day trip and stick with the values. The last two it was the ASM now this time it will POP. I hear great things about the POP and that the bus service is really good.


If you can afford a moderate go with French quarter. If you do settle on all star, go with pop. The all star share busses and at pick up from parks, it can be a nightmare.


PO to save time.


Thanks to everyone. We did stay at POP last January/Feb and we had a nightmare with the bus coming out of MK one night, otherwise it was great. Thanks again for your input.


Answering the, “So, would it be so bad to stay at the value resort, what are we really giving up??” question…

You are only giving up a few things. First and most important (at least to us) the hot tubs at the pool. We spend many of late nights at the pool and definitely need the hot tub. Second, Boatwrights restaurant… The fact that POR has a sit down restaurant is sometimes important to us. Third, noise levels. Value resorts tend to have more kids running around and are a lot more noisey than the other resorts. Last, extra money! That is the biggest factor, if you have the money to blow I’d vote for either of the PO resorts. If not, you know the answer. As much as I will sit back and rip on the value resorts, we always stay there for New Years and longer trips just to save money. The truth is, it’s Disney, you’ll have fun no mater what your choices are.

Oh, and taking your signature into consideration (and seeing as how 2008 hasn’t came yet)… I’d recommend either an All-Star resort or POFQ as you haven’t stayed at any of those resorts. I like the variety rather than staying at the same place over and over! That’s my two cents!!!


I would always choose moderate over value, but I think this is because my experience at POP was terrible. However, I have heard many good reviews of it from people here, so I wonder if my experience was just a fluke.

My friends stayed at the All-Star Music for our wedding trip in May and loved it. I think it really is about what you are looking for in the vacation, you know?


Since you are going for a quick trip and you have stayed in everything from values to deluxes before I would say, save the money and stay at an All-Star. I REALLY do not like any of values now that we have tried most of them for at least 1 night but in this type of situation I may make an exception. Besides, during a short trip you really spend very little time at the resort - trying to cram so much in in 4 days. :happy:


I agree with everyone about saving money, but I feel like the bus service is so good from the PO resorts if you are trying to get alot in you may be better off at one of the PO resorts. I have never stayed at the values, only because we have 3 kids, but I have had friends that have had both good and terrible experiences with a value. The ones who had a terrible experience tended to have the trouble with the buses.
Either way it is Disney~ You’ll have a great time no matter what.


this is a great thread. We have literally just been discussing the option of staying at POP rather than our usual POR. We adore POR and always choose to stay there when we visit, however funds in our household have recently taken a major battering so we have been thinking about changing resorts for the next trip we make. Great tips so far and ill be keeping a great eye and interest in this! Thanks:happy:


We never had any bus problems getting to any park – actually they were great from the POP, the only bus problem was that one time at MK getting back to the resort at closing time. We were the only resort with any lines!!

the only other thing I noticed is that the value resorts are the last bus stops at the resorts, the farthest away from the park entrance/exit.

Believe me, you notice that when you have spent the day walking through EPCOT (Every Person Comes Out Tired) and see that you need to keep walking, keep walking to your stop. (or at least your kids notice it :laugh: )

I think we decided to save the money, go with POP and go all out on character meals.


[B]i’m going to buck the trend here, kinda. if you really want to save money and stay at a value, i suggest all star sports. out of the values, the bus stops here first. you’ll get a seat on a bus to the parks first, and after a long day at the parks you’ll be dropped off first. do remember that with the values, your bus trips will be longer and your trip to the bus stop will be the last. people tend to forget that while this saves money, it wastes time.

if you want to splurge for the moderate, then i say POFQ. smaller resort than riverside and again, better bus service than riverside and the values.[/B]


Port Orleans. But if funds are low values work to.:wink:


After staying there last year I swore I would never stay at another value resort. Just didn’t feel as magical - though my kids LOVED it, I missed the hot tub, the bar, etc. But, its only me, my mom, and daughter going, leaving behind two ds and one dh, so spending alot of money feels foolish. And, we won’t go to the hot tub or the bar, it will be just focused on my 5 year old daughter.

money is there, just seems like a waste.


Go with Pop and either save the $$$ for another trip or go eat some nice meals and still save some $$$. Since it is just 4 days you really only need to sleep and shower, so Pop would work well.