All Star Sports or All Star Music


I have stayed at pop century several times, however, its booked during the time that I am planning to go in August. I am going with a 5 and 6 year old. I know these hotels share buses. Which one would you recommend?


I go with my DD4 and DD8 all the time . . . and we really like Music!

Both of these resorts have been recently updated with paint, furniture and linens . . . and we like them both!

ALTHO . . . my last trip to Sports, my reservation was MIA, and the manager WAS NOT HELPFUL!! :frown:

I do drive tho . . . so I can’t really help you with the bus issue, but I’m sure someone here will!!


Are you going with Boys? I would say ASR


I’m going with a girl and a boy


IMO . . . Food is better at Music too . . . more variety . . . but you can walk between the two resorts! Sports has more “stadium” like food . . . foot long hot dogs, burgers etc!


Well if you can walk between the two resorts, go for Music. You will get the best of both worlds. I haven’t stayed at Music but I am sure it is fine.


I would pick Music.