All Star Sports - Questions


I am contemplating staying at the All Star Sports the next time we visit WDW. I have stayed at POP Century several times so needless to say I will be doing a lot of comparing. What I would like to know is if the rooms at the All Star Sports have irons, ironing boards, blow dryers and the fun Mickey themed travel sized shampoos and soaps???

Thanks for the help!:blush:


If memory serves me correctly, they have all of the above.


If I’m not mistaken, they have hair dryers in the rooms. But, you have to request irons and ironing boards from housekeeping.


We were there in April, they do have hair dryers and the little shampoos and soaps (my bathroom cubbard is full of them!) I am pretty sure the iron and board were in our room. If not there is no charge to ask housekeeping for them.
We stayed in the baseball section of the resort. I reccomend this section because even though it is at the back of the resort it is not really that far of a walk to the food court, and you have a pool right outside your door! This one is the baseball diamond themed pool and we had it practically to ourselves. We had kids ages 6m, 1yr, 2yr, 4yr, and 10. The main pool was always too crowded for them.


I am fairly certain all of those items were available in our room… but you can always call down and get what you need. They will bring it to your room if you request.


We always stay at Sports, usually at Surf’s Up but once at Baseball. I would love a moderate or delux but will never turn away a trip so value it is!
Sports is great because you are the first on the bus and first off in relation to Music and Movies. Several times, at peak season, the bus has filled up when picking up at Sports and had to pass up Music and Movies. So you seem to get to the parks faster.
Sports is a bit rowdy at certain times of year. Once we walked outside every morning to see cheerleaders working on routines for their competitions but my 10 daughter loved it!
Have fun!!!