All Star Sports


We are staying here in 14 days. Any reviews?

When we booked this trip it was all that was available.

What are your opinions?


we stayed there 11 years ago and it was fine. we were in the football section, very close to the bus stops if you cut through the parking lot!

We’re staying at POP and I think they are about the same. If you just need a place to sleep it’s great. Spend your time at the parks!



Thanks Sue. That is the way I look at it. We will probably only sleep and shower there.

The pool will be closed while we are there, but we can use any of the AS pools.

I figure it’s something new right?

Thanks for your input.


We have stayed at each of the All Star resorts, and have enjoyed each of them. My kids (and us!) really liked the over the top decor, very colorful and lots of eye candy.
We are like you, we use our rooms basically for sleeping and showers, so are ok with a value. We are doing POR this year, but only because our youngest (of 3 kids) grew out of his pack and play. We did Values when he was small enough to sleep in it. I think you will have a great time!!


Thanks for your review. I think we will too. Besides. I’ll be too excited to sleep.


Hi. I stayed there in May and was scared at first from all the reviews but after it was all done and said I LOVED IT!! We had the surfs up building. I also loved the pool by the baseball section. very cute!!