All Star Sports


Just returned from a 4 day trip. Stayed for the first time
at Sports. Must say very very impressed! The resort is so much
smaller than Pop. We will definitely go back to Sports.
The buses were great. No lines for anything. Beds were
somewhat comfy and very very clean. Great Experience!


Each All Star by itself is smaller than Pop, but if an All Star bus has to serve more than one All Star, the All Star bus has the hevier load.

Pop = 3000 rooms
All Star Music = 2000 rooms
All Star Movies = 2000 rooms
All Star Sports = 2000 rooms

Total All Star rooms = 6000
Total Pop rooms = 3000

Now, how this changes when Pop’s second 50 years opens (now the World of Animation) when there will be another 10 four story buildings, I can’t say. I only hope that Pop and WoA each have their own busses, or it’s going to be 6000 rooms served by one bus. Like at All Stars during slower times.


Glad you enjoyed your stay. I have never stayed at that particular All Star resort.


Congratulation for your trip.Sports is a great place to visit. I have visited here some time ago. It is really a great place with full of enjoyment.


I hear lots of great things about the All-Star resorts. I’ve only stayed at the Pop and I really enjoy it. I am glad you enjoyed your stay at Sports!


Glad to hear you enjoyed it. All Stars aren’t bad. Our favorite Value is still Music, but we’re nostalgic. Too bad we’ve outgrown the values or we may still be staying there.


I feel you. I’d need two rooms at any value. It bums me out!! :slight_smile: