All Star Suite or Port Orleans


OK, I book in 7 days for March 2013 trip. We have stayed in All-Star Suite before…It was OK. There will be 5 of us. The wife and I, Brennan (trip age 11 yr old son), Steen (trip age 8 yr old son), and Cale (trip age 4 yr old daughter).

We have always stayed at All-Stars…I don’t really get pumped because of the bus sharing and the fact that every jr high/HS competition/convention choose the All Stars to stay at…and on the right weeks - it can be irritating. Especially since we have teenagers in and out of our house all the time…my wife teaches piano to a bunch of them and I teach em sunday school and play pick-up bball games with em at church. Its like we cant escape them. But, we spend VERY LITTLE time at the resort, so we get over it and have a blast anyway.

I have never stayed anywhere else. Is Port Orleans any better? We eat at the Deluxe Resorts all the time and it’s obvious you get what you pay for…but we just dont have $10,000 for vacation.

Is Port Orleans noticeably nicer?
Is the bus situation any better?
Will We escape the teeny boppers at all?
Is it walking distance from anything?
Any other general comparisons between the two…


Port Orleans is a beautiful resort. I’m assuming you’re thinking of the Riverside part - because the only rooms that sleep 5 are in the Riverside section of PO. Although I haven’t stayed there in a very long time, I’m pretty sure it would not be as crazy as the AllStars. POR is divided into two sections: Alligator Bayou and Magnolia Bend. The rooms in Alligator Bayou are the ones which have 5 beds (only in some).

Of course there are kids at every Disney Resort, but you won’t encounter the cheerleaders, teams, etc. The atmosphere will definitely not be as crazy. There are several bus stops and the buses serve both sides of the resort, The main pool has a waterslide. You can take the ferry down to the Marketplace and of course you can use the facilities at POFQ as well. POR has a sit-down restaurant, although I haven’t eaten there in years. They do have a great little bar.

It’s hard to put your finger on it, but there is a subtle difference between the values and the moderates…just as there is between the moderates and luxury resorts.

I know that Dixie always stays at Riverside - she’d be one to give you great info.


Either way… You get to go to Disney! Yeah! Even if you do not switch… PO Riverside would be your best bet… and do not worry about missing out on the deluxe. It is fabulous, but if you are just sleeping… then have fun and do not worry about it!


missing the competitions crowds would be AWESOME…how does the bus run go? is it shared by other resorts


Port Orleans Riverside and Port Orleans French Quarter are two separate resorts - (basically they are next door to each other and within walking distance) and the buses serve both. The French Quarter has only one bus stop; Riverside has at least 4, I believe. I’m not really sure of the route…


I have stayed at both. The route is as follows: Pick up at the FQ (1 stop), then go over to the Riverside, and go through their stops. Unlesss, it is busy in the morning, and your bus is pretty full, they will just go straight to your park. Drop off is in the same order. I have notices though that the buses will just slow down if there is no one at the Riverside stops, and keep going. I have found it the fastest of the mods for transportation. About 10-15 minutes to the MK, from FQ. AK is the same, and everything else is shorter.

I would highly recommend either one of them, and not just for the transportation.


One bonus about POR is that you’d be in a slightly more central location. Shave a minute or two off your bus ride, if you care about that kind of thing! :wink: I have not stayed at POR but I have spent time there, and the atmosphere is definitely more laid-back. Not as many big groups of youngin’s, more families and couples.

Seeing as you are going in March, which is just one of the many months when school groups seem to run rampant, I’d probably pick POR. The school groups drive me crazy! But I’d be happy to go either way, so I’m never a good person to ask about these things. :laugh:


We really like POR and POFQ, our preference being POFQ. I can tell you that we have had our share of rubbing elbows with the teeny bopper crowd at both, and we were told by cm’s that the overflow from the all stars usually wind up staying at those two resorts. Not really a big deal, but we did notice that the food courts can get really busy, and we did have a few nights of very loud and rowdy teens running up and down the balconies at POFQ. So, to make a long story longer, I think you will be happy staying at either POR or POFQ, and the teeny boppers should not be a big factor.


Buses are shared most of the time so there are a total of 5 stops, 1 in POFQ and 4 in Riverside.
If each PO resort has its own buses, then FQ is a single stop while Riverside still has 4. Obviously this will be at the same time occupancies are at their highest and the parks are full.
With the exception of the DTD bus, all PO buses running the full route enter and go first to FQ’s stop and then proceeds to run the Riverside 4, always running clockwise with all stops on the right side of the road. Actually, if you think about it, they try to avoid left turns whenever they can throughout WDW.
The DTD bus runs opposite so that Riverside is serviced first and then FQ so that guests can return to FQ from Riverside.


POR for sure you compromis eon space for sure and get 1 less bathroom as I un derstand you essiantley get 2 rooms at a value with an adjoing door.
POR recently refurbished their rooms for 5 and it used to have a trundle for the 5 th person tight fit but now its more like a murphy bed go to allears and check out the pics. POR resort is large so ask when you book to stay in alligator bayou 15 16 17 oor 18 they ar closest to the main building.
The resort offers a boat to DTD a great experience both day and night
Also for swimmers you have the choice of the private pools or the main pool biggets difference is the main pool has activities and lifeguards the provate ones do not.


hope this helps


Defintely POR is my vote. Why not try a change. It will be a totally different vacation for you. With the ages of your kids, your vacationing style may change a bit, as they may want to use the pool more often, and moderates have slides with their pools. Its just such a relaxed atmosphere also. There seems to be a “buzz” in the values, where you can walk and enjoy the tranquility at POR.


We loved POFQ. The only downside was space. As I stated in another thread, you will be cramped if your kids are older.


its been awhile since we stayed at POR, but there is a trundle bed which would be perfect for your younger children. I think you will find the resort very nice and definitely won’t run into the emass of cheerleaders, etc.

We did just stay at POFQ and sometimes we found that our bus was shared with POR but not always.

We loved the pool activities.

There is a nice food court at POR.

I do notice a difference between a value and a moderate as well as a moderate and deluxe. I would vote moderate with your kids’ ages.

Have fun!


I really love POR, better than POFQ… although POFQ was good, too! I like Alligator Bayou… it’s so natural and green, and it felt really laid-back and slow-paced to me. (Of course, I don’t like to stay right on top of the main building, I don’t mind being a ways away from it.)


Unless you are booking two rooms for your group of five, I suggest going with Art of Animation family suites. They will be fully opened by that time. I like the layout of them more than the ASMusic ones and think that it would be nice to have space for your group. Five people in Port Orleans Riverside is WAY to small for me. If this doesn’t bother you, than go for it. I need my own space, so it wouldn’t even be something I would consider. Sardine can comes to mind…no thanks.


First let me say that I LOVE Port Orleans. POFQ and POR are my favorite moderate resorts and are in my top 5 favorite resorts period at WDW.

Having said that, for the space and bathroom issue alone, I would go with the suites at the All Stars or Art of Animation as Dana suggested. I think one room at POFQ or POR would feel very cramped with 5 people and I love having an extra bathroom. I feel like it cuts down so much on prep time in the morning.


We too are a family of 5 and our favourite resorts are the PO resorts. It is cheaper to stay at POR with 5 in a room than a suite at the All Star. You sacrifice a bit of space in the room, but the resort upgrade is definately worth it.


Mickey Mom - I got over-ruled on this one. We are taking some 1st timers with us. It makes out total party size 8. We got adjoining rooms at Art of Animation…my 3 yr old is an Ariel freak, so we are staying in the Little Mermaid rooms.


You will have fun no matter where you stay! That is my theory!


Do the Ariel rooms sleep 5?