All Star vs. Wilderness Lodge


My family is planning our trip to WDW this fall. We will be going September 24-29. It will be a larger group, 4 adults and 4 kids ages 3, 3, 5 & 6. We initially were planning on staying at the All Star Movie resort but recently I have read negative threads on these resorts especially when it comes to transportation and convenience. Some of these threads were older but I don’t want to have a headache the entire trip. Our second choice is Wilderness Lodge but it is hard for our family to justify spending 600 extra bucks per room on our vacation. Value prices at All Star are 79 a night versus 205 a night at Wilderness Lodge. What are yalls opinions? It will be the first trip for all of the kids as well as my husband’s first time to Disney.


I have stayed at both. Wilderness Lodge has larger rooms with a refrigerator. I have also stayed at All Stars Movie and it was great. They have a more reasonable food court,(with a lot of different things to choose from) and the bus service is very convenient to get to the parks. I would save the extra bucks as you aren’t in the room very long except to sleep. They both have a fun pool. Both my daughters and family have stayed at All Stars different times. Enjoy your trip. :wub:


Sorry, but you cannot even compare the two hotels if you ask me… there are too many things to compare, ie. the transportation, food court, room size. Wilderness Lodge is beautiful, the All Star… well it’s the All Star. The only advice i can think to give, is to weigh what is most important to you while on vacation in terms of hotels and go from there… good luck.


My suggestion, split the difference and stay in a moderate. POFQ has an awesome pool and it’s a nice small compact resort.We love it, it’s probably our favorite family resort.


I agree, stay at one of the moderates. We love POR. We have stayed there 4 times and are going back there in August. Bob the Pianoman is a must see there. The kids will love him (adults too).


Another vote for POR or POFQ!


We love WL and we are willing to pay a little more to stay there but not everyone feels that way. We spend a little more time in the room than others so having a nice room and a good location is something we are willing to pay a little more for. I think a moderate would be a great idea, you get a little bit bigger room and the moderate rosorts are beautiful.


The POFQ is a very nice moderate. They have a nice pool slide too. You can take a boat to DTD. I think you will be fine no matter where you choose. We stayed at the All Star Sports during March of last year and it was fine. The bus service was fine. You are going in Sept (and so are we) so I don’t think there will be huge crowds anywhere. I think small children would love the large icons at the All Stars. It is very Disney. However, I think the adults would appreciate the extra room, comfort, and atmosphere of the WL. Still, I think you will enjoy your visit at any of the resorts. Disney does a great job making everything look great. We have stayed at a deluxe, moderate and a value and had a wonderful time at all of them.


Ditto. More frills than a value resort and cheaper than a deluxe. Sounds like a perfect compromise to me. POFQ is a great resort.


Where do you guys keep getting this? The question is Wilderness or All Stars, there’s no third choice. My choice is Wilderness.


I don’t see why you needed to be rude in your reply. I think people were just giving the orginal poster another option since she seemed to be worried about the price difference between a value resort and WL.


It all depends on what you are looking for in a resort. As another person posted there really is no comparison between the two. The All Star Resorts are your basic no frills hotels. There are limited food options, ( food court ) and if you wanted to dine a another resort, you would have to plan at least an hour to travel to another resort via Disney Transportation. If you are looking for just a place to sleep at the end of the day and a nice pool, this would be a great choice.
The WL is a really nice hotel/resort. It has larger rooms and some rooms have breath taking views. When we stayed there we had a view of the pool and Bay Lake. It was really nice and relaxing to look out at the lake/pool.
WL also has a food court and full service dinning. You can take a boat to the Contemporary Resort and dine at any of the places at the CR or any hotel on the monorail line.
You can also take a boat to Fort Wilderness and enjoy the activities there. WL also has boat service to the MK.
My vote would be to stay at the WL. We spend time at the resort we are staying at and like to have a larger room and more amenities at a resort. Also with younger children, most likely you will be spending a lot of time at the MK. The boat ride to the MK from the WL is a nice convience.
So basically you need to decide what is more important to you and what you are looking for in a hotel.
Good luck and have a nice trip!


If $ is an issue, go with the value. (We always stay at AS Sports since we are only at the room to sleep.) But I want so badly to stay at a deluxe and enjoy the extra amenities (sp?). I would guess the transportation to and from the resort to the parks is better at WL than a value.


Welcome to DC! I have never stayed at a value, but I have stayed at the Wilderness Lodge. As much as I love it, I think that $600 is quite a difference, and that you need to consider how much time you will be spending in your room vs. in the parks. I do know that the value rooms are much smaller, and they have double beds as opposed to the queen size beds at the Wilderness. But I also have found the rooms at the Wilderness Lodge are pretty tight.


I’m leaning towards Wilderness Lodge. Did any of yall go to the campfire sing along and movie at night? If so did your kids enjoy it? In the standard rooms, were the closets big or did they even have any? I read that the all-stars didn’t have any closets.


Your kids will love Movies. But, if you have the money to spare you should just do WL that way you won’t be standing is some line at Movies and thinkin you should have changed to WL. Although I have heard a fair amount of people complain about transporation at WL also. No resort transporation is perfect. If you don’t really have the money do Movies.


I may be wrong, but I think the campfire sing-a-long is at Fort Wilderness, not the Wilderness Lodge. Shouldn’t be a problem though, the resorts are next to each other.


Yes they have closets, but there are not any doors on them! I would bring extra hangers, if you have a lot of clothes that need to be hung up. :happy:


OK first I am hearing per room for the extra $600. Which makes me asume that there will be more than one room, well with so many of you I can see it!
When my parents came to visit we stayed at movies in the toy story section. My folks had never stayed on prop and staying there was more disney than any of the deluxe resorts. Should you stay at wilderness lodge? The answer when compared to all star movies is yes. Still when its going to cost you $600 more, then the answer is no. That money could be used for food, souveniers, and other stuff.
I have never had a bus problem from the budgets, it may take a bit longer, but you will still get there a lot faster than if you were off property.
The problem is when you stay at a deluxe you get spoiled, just like most of us. For any of us, if you gave a really good deal on AS, then we’d all be there in a heartbeat for the deals and to be at WDW.
So with all the kids, use the money you save from the resort to take them for a character meal or something else more magical! At the end of the trip what do you think they would enjoy more: a fancy hotel where they can sleep or a wonderful breakfast/dinner where they can talk to mickey/goofy/donald without having to wait in line and getting personalized attention??


I’m right with you Disney Teacher, we love the WL but if you could not justify the money then I would stay at one of the moderate resorts. I did not like C.Springs we really enjoyed POR