All Stars Music Food Court Refurb


Planning on a 6 night stay at AS Music in Sept. Just stumbled across the news that the food court is to be closed Aug to Dec… Saw that the same thing happened last year at AS Sports. Anyone had any experience with that one, for insight into this years refurb.?


I can’t help you with what others have experienced during refurbishments—but I know that I would not stay at a value resort without a Food Court. I would ask to be given a reservation at another of the value resorts. That’s just my personal opinion. I need my coffee first thing in the morning–and we personally have breakfast at the food court before starting out most days. I can not make it far without “something” to eat—even if it’s just a small muffin to tide me over until I get to a park for some breakfast.

If you have a car and can get breakfast supplies in for a frig in your room, that might help. Otherwise, I would go somewhere else. Again, just my personal preference. We have stayed at ASM and at Pop Century and liked them both.

Good luck. :slight_smile:


I agree with smallworld, I would have to think about a different resort. We don’t eat at our resort a lot but I want the option to be there. To me all the value resorts are about the same so it would be an easy swap for us.


We are staying at ASMu in December and decided the food court wasn’t a deal breaker for us. We’re not huge eaters in the morning and tend to keep snacks in the room anyway. Only thing I’m concerned about is not being able to refill my mug frequently…that will stink, but oh well. The last time we stayed at ASMu, we walked to Sports to eat on occasion, just for amusement, even though the food courts are identical. There will be transportation provided to the other food courts, so while it will definitely be an inconvenience. I’m hoping (likely nothing but wishful thinking) that maybe this will turn people off and ASMu won’t be as crowded as the others. Wish Disney could still provide a drink station during refurb though. :stuck_out_tongue: Haha


Dznygrl is that really you? It’s been a long time. How are things going?