All TS ADR need to put down a credit card


Dana noted on her facebook page, that all TS ADR will have to put down a credit card starting 11/1. You can cancel until 10 PM the night before. But I do worry about those getting sick. In my case, last week we would have lost 20 bucks since DH got sick middle of the night.


Hopefully, they can make a case by case decision if that happens. I think we had to cancel KTTK tour 48 hours ahead–but I may be wrong. I always worry about that with any reservation…


The up side is more ADRs should be available. I’m sure there’s a lot of double booking going on and this will slow it down.


I was looking on disboards and people were saying about those who make an ADR at Kona at dinner just to park at Poly and head over to the park. Never intending to eat a meal. That never dawned me to do something like that.


I think i’m kinda liking that. It may free up more tables for those who like to eat on the fly without committing to adr’s months in advance.


You know I’m wondering with the magic bands/key cards tracking everything, if family "A " cancelled at Cape May because of illness but a meal for 5 was purchased at Ohana during the same time period would be noticed.


I thought security started checking cars a couple of years back because of this. Aren’t you given a pass for a certain time and if your car is still there after that time, you will get a ticket or towed??


I’ve heard that too but I don’t think it actually happens. We have friends who use the “dinning at a resort” line to park at certain resorts and they haven’t been towed yet. I’m such a rule follower that I would worry all day that our car would be towed that it wouldn’t be worth the stress. I don’t think Disney even hands out the three hour parking passes, they just wave you through. We almost never have a car and the few times we have we leave it parked and use the boats and buses.


I’m with you…I’d be freaked all day about my car getting towed. There’s no way I could enjoy myself knowing my car wasn’t safe!


It seems like they are doing a lot to crack down on the people who take advantage of their generous things they do (free parking at a resort for dinner, having a line for disabled kids, etc)… I like it, and I hope it helps those of us who follow the rules (and only use one mug per trip,lol)…


Yes, I agree. I read that it was because they were trying to crack down on the no shows, and to free up more adrs. No matter the reason, I understand it.


Like the new rules. People have been taken advantage too long.


I have no issue with this.

Over the last few few trips to Orlando, I have made a one reservation per trip at a Disney owned restaurant for me and my wife, usually a week or so before the actual trip.

Since these trips have been in conjunction with in-laws, we never made it. In the past I have cancelled reservations, but have gotten lazy.

I have never double booked or booked just for parking.

These seems to be a reasonable policy, so they can better handle walk ups etc.

I will now be better in my bookings/cancellations.


This policy is a good one to put in place. I really think that it will help free up those tables that would be otherwise occupied. Heck, we may even be able to get a spontaneous reservation at some great places…


Now just to convince the hubby to go…

( I would have never done this before- I am usually with 6, so the no show gets expensive).


This will not be on ADR’s already made correct? We do not double book, and I think we have only canceled one or 2 reservations in the past (both short notice). Just not sure how I feel about my credit card floating around that much. Some places such as CRT and HDDR already take it, but not sure how I will feel about Sci-Fi having it ahead of time.


No, only on the reservations made AFTER 11/1 :heart:


Thanks for the clarification Dana.

Am I glad I booked all of our ADR’s for the second trip early!!!


I hope they figure out something with illness. On our trip, when we had 7, if one didn’t go that would be ok. But if it’s just the two of us, and one gets sick, the other isn’t going to eat a TS by them self.


Do you want to bet Sharon would not leave me and go eat by herself (depending on where the reservation is). She would drop me like a hot potato. :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: