All you photographers


ok- being a sort of novice with the camera… (except that I take a ton at WDW)
I need a new one… Any suggestions? I need a really good one for taking pictures inside, outside, and at night. My old one takes awful nighttime pictures… I want the point and click kind… oh and if anyone knows of one that would work with a MAC… that would be great too…

oh yeah- I really do not want a Kodak (the photo software corrupted my last computer, and I really do not want it to do it to this one).

Thanks for your help!


I’m on a MAC and use a Kodak Easyshare and LOVE IT!! I didn’t even load the software, I just use iPhoto when I plug the camera in . . . it’s easy to get the pics off and then export to post on mousebuzz! :happy:


Just bought a nice Nikon D40x digital slr. I have not played with it extensively yet, but DH says it works just like one with film. Changeable lens, different settings; however, auto works just like a digital. It is a little bigger than the ones you can put in your pocket, but there is alot you can do with it. I just plug it into the computer and download pictures to my pictures section of computer and alter them with the printer software I have. It does come with Nikon software, but I have yet to use it.

If I figure out how to get them online, I’ll show you some the nice ones that I took recently in WDW.


ok-ya’ll are both helpful. I had an easyshare… the software drove me nuts. I am glad to know that I can use it in iphoto… It seems easy to work…

About the Nikon… what is slr?? See this is where I know nothing about cameras… It sounds like something that I might like… just have to tote it around WDW in a month! Thanks for all of your help!


I have a Kodak Easyshare Z885 (or should I say had - I’ll explain later)

It takes great pictures. I don’t use the easyshare software either. I have a card reader, just put the card in it and copy to my computer.

This camera has a 5x optical zoom - most point and shoots have a 3x. It takes decent night pictures too, I change to a larger ISO to help. It is very user friendly.

the Digital SLR’s are more advanced cameras, but do take excellent pictures. Some are a little pricey.

you can link to my TR

and see the pictures I took with the Kodak.

… my DD’s camera was acting up before she went to DW, so I told her to take my camera (which I just bought in August). Well, accidents happen. She dropped it and the screen broke inside. She was extremely upset when she called to tell me. I told her if it was an accident and she didn’t climb up on a platform and throw it off to see what it would do, then it was okay. Crap happens sometimes. Fortunately for her, she got her camera to work again, so she was able to take more pictures. That would have been terrible if she didn’t have a camera!

and… that gave me my excuse to purchase my Canon XTi!


I got a Canon SD 870IS for my birthday this month. (I actually got it before Christmas but my DH said it was my birthday present).

I have been a long time user of a Canon and have been very pleased with the quality of pictures. I’m no professional photographer either but since I’ve converted to Point and Shoot, I am hooked!! It has a 3" screen and a lot of options for photos such as color swap and (don’t know the name but) this option where you can take a black & white photo and bring out whatever color is blue, green, red, etc. Pretty cool!!

dpreview is an excellent website for review and opinions about various brands of cameras. I was on there pretty heavily until I decided to stick with Canon. I looked into a Casio EXLIM model based on reviews too.

Keep in mind the ‘IS’ on this is for image stabliazation; it helps with camera shake and minimizes the blurriness.

Hope this helps!


Thank you very much… I will look into this! Off to shop…


I have the Canon PowerShot A640 and just love it. It takes great Night,Day, Action and can do movies on it also. Its 10 megapixel and easy to use.
R2G has the same camera but different model and we all know how great his pictures are


I have an extra crayon…


I went in December for 9 days and took 2100 pictures with a Nikon 5700 The night shots were great I used a tripod and a remote shuter realese turnd of the flash and was very impressed, I think Disneys photo people are going to Nikon d80s just bought on and it is grear


I like the versitility of the one I bought last sept- its a Sanyo xacti and it takes nice pics, has up to 8 hours of video and it goes underwater- it made for a lot of fun video and pics on Kali Rapids, all the roller coasters and we even went swimming with it. It really is an all in one camera.