All you Southern folks who has the best


Biscuits and gravy? or is that something Disney
does not do well? I thank you kindly!


I’ve only tried the biscuits and gravy at buffets and it was just ok.


I dont know who has the best… but Trails End at FW… has a good hearty breakfast buffet with biscuits and gravy.


Hit the Cracker Barrel outside in Kississamee.


I cant argue with this suggestion!!


Grandmas house (sorry thats not at WDW) but if you want to swing by on the way


I had the buiscuts and gravy at WCC and I thought it was :blow: . Very little sausage and very pasty.


Yep, I agree. Disney DOES NOT do biscuits and gravy to southern standards. Cracker Barrell is much closer to the home made version we love! However, the best we have found on property so far was at the Donald’s Breakfasoraus. It was the only place that the biscuits and gravy were edible, in our opinion!


I was also going to suggest cracker barrel on 192 also …


I agree try Cracker Barrell! :laugh:
Or make 'em yourself!
WDW and Orlando for that matter does not “do” southern food very well.

Now Granny’s Kitchen here in my town, which is an old gas station converted to a restaurant…that is only open M-F from 5:00 to 10:00 a.m. Serves EXCELLENT biscuits and gravy. But you also get bacon, fried eggs, sausage (links or patties) grits and hash for $5.00. Yummy.


As a true GRITS (Girls Raised in the South) I cannot recommend a good biscuit and gravy. I don’t like biscuits and gravy. :eek: Hard to imagine, I know, but I don’t. I do like biscuits and butter, biscuits and jelly, even biscuit sandwiches. I just can’t get into biscuits with gravy!
Please, please whatever you do, don’t tell Paula Deen!!:laugh:


Port Orleans Riverside(Dixie Landings) has great gravy and biscuits the last time we were there. last December.


I shouldnt be in this post really being a foreigner so to speak- but like dznylvr I love those biscuits with jelly (or jam as we call it)


Let’s hope the recipe move to Tusker House with the Donald breakfast buffet.
I can’t say because it’s been impossible for me to get a reservation since it’s moved to Tusker House.


I LOVE biscuits and gravy (I fell in love with them when we went south for a friend’s wedding back before we got married). Does anyone know if the Cracker Barrels up here have the same recipe?


OK, you MA folks, make sure you have grits with them biscuits and gravy! :laugh:


We call some of it jam as well. It depends on the fruit. Grape seems to be always jelly while strawberry always seems to be jam or preserves.
Then there’s marmalade which is something else again and seems to be mostly citrus fruits.
Sausage grave is again, something very different.
The sausage gravy at 1900 Park Fare and Crystal Palace are OK, but nothing really special. I can’t remember the last time I did have a truly special sausage gravy.


In theory, all Cracker Barrels should have the same recipes regardless of location.


All Cracker Barrels typically serve the same recipes and all I’ve tried, Florida, Louisiana, Colorado, and Texas are YUMMY! They even give you a free map of all the CB’s in the US. Got to love that!

Regarding the post I have never tried biscuits and gravy at WDW so couldn’t tell you for sure. If you are driving then CB is your best bet.


Thanks Soundgod! I didnt know jam was a word used in the US as well as here- without going too much off topic, jelly here is well jelly ( like fruit flavoured gelatin and water mix) so whats that called in the US?