Allegiant Air


Just got back from a trip to WDW and on my flight down I heard from a flight attendant that Allegiant Air will eventually be flying all of their flight in and out of MCO instead of Sanford. He said that some already are flying into MCO and they will be phasing in all their flights into there soon. I for one LOVE flying into Sanford(less crowds,less time waiting in security lines, easy to get in and out of,etc.) and am sad to hear this news.


Yeah, it’s supposed to be by the end of February. The actual date is on their website.

The rates are higher, and ME will not pick up people flying on Allegiant (as of right now, anyway).


I have never heard of this airline. The world is big. I am sure there are so many other airlines that I have never heard of that fly right here in the states! I am so sheltered.:laugh::laugh: I am too far into my obsession with the mouse to change now!:laugh:


I only flew Allegiant one trip. On both flights, to and from, we were HOURS off schedule for strange reasons. One issue was that they had the wrong plane at the gate and had to fly in another one?? :huh: … Too many bizarre issues like that. I decided not to use Allegiant anymore.

But it sounds like others have had good flights, so maybe I just got unlucky?