Allirella & Co gallavant around the world


So, we got back last night. Things are extremely busy at work, but thought I would at least start the TR…

Thursday, November 29, 2007 - Sunday, December 2, 2007 (Apollo Beach, FL)
Sunday, December 2, 2007 - Sunday, December 9, 2007 (Walt Disney World)

Allirella (27 yrs)
DF (60 yrs)
DM (hmmm, better not)
DB (31 yrs)
DSIL (24 yrs, 1st time)
DN1 (5 yrs, 1st time)
DN2 (2 yrs, 1st time)
DGMa (75 yrs)
DBFF (28 yrs)

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, DGMa (“Bo”) went to WDW with her precious family for her 55th Birthday. Following the extreme summer heat, she declared “We’ll do this again when I turn 110!” To which the family (DM, DF, DB & Allirella) replied, “Swell. Let’s make plans that our grandchildren should push our wheelchairs when we all return…”
Alas, in the present day, “Bo” came to love her 2 great-grandchildren (DN1 & DN2) dearly and said, “I’m not sure I’ll see 110. Let’s go for my 75th so that I can enjoy it with the girls!”

And so, we began to save & plan & save & dream & save & … Well, you get the picture…


Oh my goodness, you’re back. I have a feeling that this was a great trip. I cannot wait to read it~~ Hurry back and welcome home :smile:


Can’t wait to hear all about your trip:)


awe cant wait for more


Welcome home… cant wait to “read” all about it.


What a great beginning…can’t wait to hear all about it!


What a great start!! Come on back and post some more!!


Well Allirella…when are you going to read us more of your fairytale?


Ahem. You have a tr to tend to as well, there, missy!! :happy:


I was hoping nobody caught that:blush: I don’t have my pictures here at work, so until I get home…no TR. That’s good though, because I get to catch up on all of your TR’s when I am avoiding my work:laugh:

Sorry to threadjack…not really:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


:laugh: :laugh: I’m trying to catch up on y’all’s trip reports while I patiently wait for someone to send me the pictures from our trip.

Ah well, 5 photographers and many photos should have netted some good results. I’m just waiting for access to them. :happy: I’ll begin posting them as soon as I get the pics and a few sane minutes with the computer!!

Regardless, on with the story…


Thursday, November 29, 2007

After dreaming & saving & planning & saving, etc. the day finally arrived. We were headed to WDW!!! :mickey:

Sadly, I was the only one who had to work that day. So, I arrived (early) to be sure that all the loose ends were wrapped up before my departure. It just so happened that I had some free time on my hands. As I anxiously waited for the hands of the clock to point straight up, I made a few snowflakes…
Snow Flakes

And bid farewell to my fellow MBers…

PS - Thanks for all the well wishes everyone!!

More to come later. Gotta run for now!


On the road at last! We met up with the fam in Apollo Beach and enjoyed 3 relaxing days with the many Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, etc.

But then, it was time. The day had come. The anticipation was mounting.

We were headed for WDW!!

Checked in to our timeshare resort on Sunday, December 2nd. The most wonderful Disney experiences were ahead of us.


Ok. So I’ve decided that I can’t wait for the pictures! I’ll add them whenever I get them. Here goes…

Monday, December 3, 2008
Animal Kingdom
Park opens: 9:00am
Park cloeses: 7:00pm
Arrival: 9:30am
Departure: 7:00pm

We were so excited to be at AK. Having heard the tales and seen the clips on the travel channel, we were really looking forward to both the safari and EE.

First things first. A family picture near the oasis. (to be inserted later :glare: ).

Then DBFF and I raced over to EE for fast passes and met up with the rest of the crew at the entrance to the safari. We really had a great time. So many animals were out. Several giraffes, many long antlered creatures, the leader of the lion pack and an elephant’s rear just to name a few.

Tempting though it was to ride out to Rafiki’s, we decided to stroll back to EE and use our fast passes instead. Sadly, DN1 was not quite tall enough for this ride and in the end, I was glad. I would have been so disappointed if it had been too much for her first roller coaster. So Bo and the two girls waited for the gang as we boarded our train to see the yeti.


Let me just say the ride pictures were hilarious! DF was white as a sheet. Poor guy. We didn’t get him on another coaster the whole trip (unless you include Goofy’s Barnstormer). I think it had something to do with his pacemaker…

DB and DSIL used our remaining 2 FP’s while the rest of us strolled towards lunch. Yeah, we didn’t get much done that morning, but we had fun!

Lunch at Restaurantosaurus yielded a special ‘dream’ for DB. As we were inline, our cashier was having a bit of trouble with her reciept tape. It just so happened that she knocked a few things on the floor while dealing with this. DB, being the southern gentleman that he is, picked up all of her papers for her. She awarded him the double tink pins for his good deed! One for him and one to share with another guest! How fun. This is the closest we got to an official dream, but it started our trip out well.


Before I go on, let me preface this with a quote from JustaT, received via voicemail: “You HAVE to go to the Nemo show. The girls will LOVE LOVE LOVE it!”:heart: :heart: :heart:

With that kind of endorsement (and the fact that DN2 is a HUGE Nemo fan), how could we stay away?

Next stop: Nemo, the Musical!
We didn’t get in line the recommened 30-45min ahead of time, but got great seats anyway. The first time the colorful sea creatures came out into the aisles, I heard gasps of awe from my crew.

The kids were impressed, but I’m talking about the adults here. DSIL and DBFF were amazed at how spectacular it all was. I must admit, I had a little tear in my eye :crying: …


From Nemo, after a slight stroller issue, we headed over to the boneyard for the girls to play. They had a great time with all the other little ones. But boy was I glad to get out of there. It was HOT! I wanted to crawl in one of the little caves and hide, but someone had to stand at the end of the slides…

The sacrifices I make…:happy:

Now DN1&2 wanted to ride Triceratop Spin, but those over 5 elected for something cool to drink first. It just so happens as we were enjoying our non-alcoholic refreshment, that a lady and her little boy happened by with their arms overflowing with stuffed dinosaurs. After verifying that DN1&2 were with us, she asked DBIL if they could have a stuffed animal. With excited smiles the girls each received a medium sized dino, one bright orange and another neon green. As thanks were expressed, the gift-givers admitted to not wanting to carry them around all day. No problem for us. We stuffed the beasts into the stroller and off we went to Triceratop Spin.


Not up for Primeval Hurl, we started to make our way to Dinosaur, when what to our wondering eyes did appear? But, Goofy and Pluto in their Dino Dig gear! The girls were so excited. They hopped to the end of the line and patiently waited for the characters while we took a break in the shade.

The very helpful handler chatted with DB for few minutes @ photopass and gave DN1 a beautiful cinderella sticker. The CM also offered sharpie’s for the pups to sign the girls hats. You’ve got it, we didn’t have the autograph books. As in, we hadn’t bought them yet. As in, weren’t sure how the girls would react to the large characters, so decided to wait and see. Oops. Our bad. :blush:

2 signatures later, we decided to skip Dinosaur and head towards a good parade spot. We had a great time waiting for the Jingle Jungle Parade. DM and DGma chatted it up with a family from the UK while DN2 napped and everyone else checked photo equipment, etc.


Oh! I almost forgot. Before the parade, we stopped by It’s Tough to be Bug. How about, I was totally not prepared for the bee “sting” or the exit of the little bugs. EEWW! DN1: highly upset.

She got over it.


The parade was great. My favorite part was the very delicious aroma of chocolate that floated off of Minnie’s float. FABULOUS!

Kali River Rapids was the next must see for us. Thankfully, DN1 was eligible. Sadly, DN2 was not. That’s ok though. DGma and DBFF had already planned to sit this one out.

DM, DF, DB, DSIL, DN1 and I rode 3 times! It was awesome and DN1 giggled the whole way around. Especially when her daddy and pop-pop got soaked. Deciding we had pushed our luck, a relatively misted, but not completely drenched DM and I hopped off the raft while the others road again! How brave! I think.

Ah, well. They were already wet…:happy: