Allyson's April Trip


Ok…i’m going to go ahead and get this one started…not sure how far I’ll get tonight though…

We drove down on Saturday - nice and easy drive…a little over 6 hours (plus the hour time change). I’d reserved a room at the Days Inn on Hwy 192 just off Hwy 27. Pretty much what you’d expect from a $40/night motel. Hideous paint job, elevator broken, only 3rd floor available (no other cars were there :dry: ) unbelieveably hard beds…but hey, it’s only one night.

We rode around in the Hwy 192 area, checked out the Harley dealership, and several of the “junk” gift stores (which are surprisingly similar to the ones on the beach here). We did find DH two Disney shirts in his size (3XL)…we have a hard time finding them in the parks. After visiting several of these “tourist traps” we decided to try Angel’s Lobster Buffet on Hwy 192 for dinner. It was pretty good. Pricey at $29.99/adult, but we’d have spent that much at Red Lobster, too. We won’t be heading back every trip, but now we can say we’ve tried it. After watching the Top 7 Must Sees at WDW twice (yes, it’s on the Days Inn TV too!) we went to bed.


We awoke Sunday morning READY for Disney World!!! We drove over to Port Orleans - Riverside and checked in just a little after 9am. Our room was READY!!! We were in building 27 on the second floor in a corner room. A magnolia tree graced our view…it was BEAUTIFUL!!! This was our first stay in a moderate and we are hooked! Building 27 is just a short walk along the water to the main building and south bus depot. The honeysuckle was blooming and everything was just perfect!

After getting settled we hopped on a bus for Epcot…it was only about 10:30 so we still had a full day ahead of us! We went to Soarin’ first and stood in stand-by for about 30 minutes…this is still my favorite ride at WDW (…but you’ll read later that I didn’t try EE this trip :sad:) After Soarin’ we grabbed lunch at the Electric Umbrella and did Innovations East. I think this was closed last time we were there…either that or we just missed it completely! We did the plastics exhibit where you create your own digital robot and race against the others - then each person makes their own little plastic robot. This was a hit with DS. We toured the House of Tomorrow – I want one of those bath tubs with the flat screen TV!! DS did the virtual bowling and got a Turkey (three strikes in a row for you non-bowlers :wink:) and the man working gave him a “Magical Moment” certificate. It was very cool!! We then went and got fast passes for Test Track. While waiting on our fast pass window we did the Universe of Energy – Ellen’s jokes always make me laugh, even after hearing them time and time again!

We still had a few minutes before our FP window so we checked out Club Cool (formerly Ice Station Cool). DH had never tried the Beverly!! I tried to get a picture of his taste but didn’t get it…his expression was priceless!! :blow:

Then, it was TEST TRACK TIME! I could not believe that DS wanted to ride…but we rode and he loved it! He definitely crossed the first “big boy” line on this trip!


Alright! you are off to a great start Allyson. I am so glad you liked POR we did as well. Stayed in building 28 upstairs feeling like we were in a treehouse.

I can’t wait to read more


Love it so far!!!


Great report! Thanks for all the little details. We really must find the plastics exhibit- where- in Innoventions East? The kids get to keep the robots- right? How old is your DS? Glad he loved Test Track.


Been waiting for your TR, so far so good! :happy:


Sounds like a wonderful start to your trip. My 7 year old love Plastic Works last year, so much so he did it 3 times. I can’t wait to read more.


Great trip report so far!

Am I the ONLY one who likes “Beverly”? :glare:


I didn’t think it was that bad! :ninja:

Anyways, great TR so far Allyson, can’t wait to hear more!


Great TR, can’t wait to read the rest!


Great Trip Report !

Thanks for sharing !


Great start to your report. I can’t wait to read about the rest.


Great TR, can’t wait to hear the rest!


DS is 5 (will be 6 in July) and yes, the kids (and adults) get to make and keep a small plastic robot (and it’s free – who said nothing’s free at Disney?? :wink: )


hey, finish lady!


Haha! Yeah, finish!


Very good report!! Now where’s the rest of it???


A-ha!! I bet that’s why they raise ticket and parking prices…



Still waiting!!! :biggrin:


C’mon,Allyson,we’re waiting!!!