Almost Done with Dining Reservations


Geez we are eating…


Chef Mickeys
Tusker House


Tepan Edo


Tutto Italia
1900 Park Fare
50’s Prime Time Cafe
Liberty Tree Tavern
Le Cellier Steakhouse

I still have up to 11 reservations to make…looking at Flying Fish and I dont know where else. I am attempting to stay close to or in parks and space out the eating, but its getting hard.

I am EXCITED for my 4 year old princess…we have breakfast at Ohana’s at 7:30 and then she has a Bibbidy Bobbidy appointment at 8:40 and the supper at 1900 Park Fare with Cinderella and Storybook Friends…the last we have NEVER been to and dont know what to expect.

Now I got to fill in a ton of blanks…mostly during lunch.


Nice choices. Looks like your gang will be eating really well.

But the job of forecasting ADR’s for a whole trip had become so overwhelming we just go with the flow as grab what hits us that day. No more changing the park plan in the AM and running across property to make an ADR scheduled 90+ days before on the other side of the property. But those who can make this work are one up on me for planning. Way up. Have a blast.


I did the 1900 Park Fare dinner with my roommates and their four year old niece a few years ago and she LOVED it! It was the best character interaction of our trip. The adults all really loved the stepsisters. They are hilarious.