Almost forgot to do this. Lord Help me


My in laws flew in on 6/8 in the afternoon from Illinois. YAY! When they got here I told fil about online check in. Which he was excited to use, he never knew it could be done. (You might have read about this in my post in the Park thread I believe.)

We left at 9am on the 9th for WDW. We had to take separate cars due to dh deciding at the last minute to go & dropping off 2 younger kids. So dh, myself, and our 8 and 5 yr old used our mini van since we had to drop off a 21 month old & 3 yr old at my g-ma’s beforehand.

The trip was somewhat uneventful up unless you count dh taking this really weird exit and getting all kinds of confused trying to get to a bathroom. :rolleyes: Oh and the a/c pooped after we got back in the van. 40 minutes from the WDW exit my van window wouldn’t roll down after I’d rolled it up to get my call from fil about how wonderful On Line check in is. Can we say HOT!

On Line Check In worked well for our 1/2 of the party too, thank God. Because by then I had no patience due to the window issue, lack of a/c issue, and finding out we were on the 3rd floor at POFQ. Yippee!! Sarcasm Did I mention we were in Build #2, as far from the elevators as possible? WHOO HOOO!! Sarcasm But whatever, the kids loved it.

Our first day we managed to take out Hollywood Studios and AK. Thank God we had AK extended night hours that night. Otherwise we’d have never gone due to the sheer humidity yuck factor that seems to envelope you while your there.

I got to ride Rockin’ Roller Coaster FINALLY! I have never gotten to ride it. I’m not a bog coaster fan but it was pretty tame I guess. I didn’t puke, that’s a bonus right? ToT on the other hand about made me wet myself. I’ve never ridden this one either. Dh and I were the only one’s in the front row. Yeah FRONT ROW! Not the way I wanted to ride it my first time. I was on the wall side and braced myself and held on for dear life. (I am not a fan of thrill rides w/ no shoulder harnesses. I didn’t like the “oh hey let’s slap in a car seat belt for safety” strap:nonono2:

Everest was another HOLY COW ride. (Have you noticed I’ve always managed to NOT ride thrill rides really at WDW? It wasn’t on purpose really I swear!) Primeval Whirl was one that made me go “What was I thinking?” Only since it felt so carnival like, but I got over it and liked it.

My oldest and my niece dragged fil to Everest to ride it at night and said it was even better in the dark. (You mean it gets worse…err better?:blow:)

On Thurs dh, myself, and our 2 youngest headed to MK and hit ToonTown since I knew it wouldn’t be there next trip :frown: the kids had a blast there. We got the kids on Astro Orbiter, btw they really don’t do a seat belt check do they? I nearly lost ds when it went waaaay faster than dh remembered and ds tipped to the side trying to reach the lever. Oy. We rode quite a few more rides before heading to the Haunted Mansion.

I will ask you this…what in the world is up with this world when girls are tougher than boys? :huh: Not saying it’s a bad thing, but man what the heck?

My ds, who is 8 and kinda the family weenie (amazing someone is weenier than me!) started freaking a bit before we got inside. We calmed him down and told him it was no scarier than Star Tours. We got into the stretching room and the walls started moving and it was all creepy (I’m giddy w/ excitement and ready to ride one of my top 5 rides) when the lights go out and I almost became a ladder for my ds. In fact he was a few ‘steps’ up on me before I peeled him off. Meanwhile the 5 yr old dd is going “YEEEEAAAAHHHH LET’S RIDE THIS SUCKER!” :laugh:

I calm ds again and try to reach my phone when we are moved into the hall. I’m grabbing my cell phone so he can keep it flipped open as a small flashlight of sorts, silly me thought this would work right? We’re in the hall there’s the noises and stuff going on and they are telling us this and that and we’re inching closer to the Doombuggies and ds is freaking harder and harder. Cell phone or not this kid is about to wet himself. Dh and dd get a bit ahead of us and I’m trying to find the “chicken exit”. We get their attention and I throw ds into the hall. Never knew that kid could run so fast, but he was trying any and every door til he figured out the last one was the real exit. I had to run and grab him before he ended up in Tomorrowland again. Meanwhile I hear people yelling behind us and there’s about 2 or 3 other boys running scared too and parents trying to grab them. Dh and dd come out later and dd is proclaiming it the best ride ever. :huh:

This freaked outness carries over to Epcot that night when we get to Mission Space. We got him to chill though and made him face this big bad demon (we rode green and I knew it was supposed to be tame.) He ended up loving it. Go figure. Dh never did get me on the Orange ride. I just let him make fun of me, I wasn’t puking all over the place at WDW.

The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful. Though me, my niece, and oldest dd went to MK for their EH’s and I’m willing to do that again for sure. It was nice not having to wait to get on Jungle Cruise or POTC, even Haunted Mansion wasn’t a long wait. We got more shopping in and just inhaled junk food.

Friday we hit 3 parks in 1 day. We ended up spending the most time at HS due to the Star Wars stuff going on. Everything was so crowded and packed we ended up giving our 2nd set of FP’s to a group of teens for Rockin’ Roller Coaster. (They were thrilled!) The best part was that dh got to ride the Tron monorail. :rolleyes: I married a Beer Snob Sci Fi geek I mean Beer Aficionado Sci Fi geek. sigh

We didn’t catch any of the parades due to rides or kids falling asleep. We did get to see the fireworks at Epcot but not MK (that day the kids passed out by 10 at the hotel lol)

I am definitely hoping to go back in the Spring sans kidlets and if not then I am hoping for a 7 day trip next time. Especially since I spent the last day searching for some dang golf shirt. Did I mention dh doesn’t golf. :pinch: But he HAD to have it.

If we go in the summer or fall for 7 days I’m hoping to try out POR this time. Though dh keeps wanting POFQ. :glare:


The trip sounded filled and fun. Building two at POFQ really is a good spot to have, but the third floor not so much…lol Thanks for sharing the trip!


Apparently fil figured out that about Build 2 being the best spot & requested it if it was possible. It was just 3rd floor towards the end nearest Jackson Square. Oy!

After reading some of Mickey’sGirlz report I’m reconsidering POR. Dh won’t do CSR, he toured it one trip and wasn’t thrilled with the convention aspect, so I might be looking into a different mod if I can sweet talk him out of POFQ.