Almost got a quick trip to WDW


We needed to replace the car that my DD and I share and somehow I convinced my DW that a used Sebring convertible was a good option. Well I knew exactly what I wanted and searched all across the country for just the right car. I found one in Florida and tried to win the auction on ebay, but just missed the high price. I was willing to pay an extra $1,000.00 just so I could use the purchase as an excuse to stop at WDW on the way home. Well just my luck I found exactly the car I wanted in !~Detroit~! of all places, sigh. It’s a great little car, but boy I sure wish I could have gotten a Disney trip out of the deal, man how desperate am I…:crying:

Anyone else find themselves discovering unique reasons to visit the mouse?


Yes, I do it all the time…

I could just go grocery shopping…in Orlando…after I go to WDW…RIGHT?


Sorry you didn’t win the Orlando auction :sad:

But, congrats on the car!


You know you’re a WDW addict when . . .


You get up 15 minutes earlier than you have to to see if there is anything new on Mouse Buzz because you really need your trip to get here yesterday. :smile:


LOL we could write a book about that


ah shucks harry. I know you are wanting a mouse trip…sorry you didn’t get the orlando car…that would have been the perfect excuse. Why not buy your wife a trip for xmas…can’t refuse a chirstmas gift right? I’ll even send her a postcard from pooh asking her when she is coming “home” We will get you there one way or another…lol