Almost Ready to Book a Cruise


I’m getting ready to book a cruise for my family: myeslf, dh, dd8, ds5. We will be travelling in the spring 2007. I’m wondering if the weather is warm enough in early March, or should we hold off until mid to late April? We will also be spending some time at WDW and I would prefer that it be warm enough to swim while we are there – the kids love the water parks.

Also, is there somewhere I can find out about all of the different room categories?



You can look at the room categories on disney online cruiseline! Or Mouseketrips is very helpful too!!

We went in December and were able to swim both at the parks and on the cruise! I think March or April would be good!!

You could also get the planning video and it shows you the boat and activities in pretty good detail!

The cruises are so great! Enjoy!!


KiKi, welcome to MouseBuzz. March should be fine, the weather is usually pretty nice, and even if there is a cold front in Florida, once away from land it warms up. We were on the Magic this year first week of March, it was over 80 everywhere we went.

WDW is a different subject, it is possible it may be cool in March, but unlikely. We spent a week there in March this year, we had 2 days where it was cool (60 as a high), the rest of the week it was over 80. Remember, the pools are heated.

If you go to the Disney Cruise site, there is a page that has all the staterooms listed, along with links to look at pictures and the layouts.

Disney Cruise Staterooms

Have fun planning!


Welcome to MouseBuzz! We went on the cruise in late January a few years ago - and it was in the 80s. Definitely warm enough to swim. You’re going to LOVE the cruise!


I have no cruise information, but wanted to take a second to welcome you to mousebuzz. It’s a pleasure to have you here with us.


You can also get a customers opinion of individual staterooms here:-

Disney Cruise Line Stateroom Trip Reports


I would also like to welcome you.

Question : Does anyone have info on the best floor to stay on???


You will really get a variety of opinions on that. Many want to be higher on the ship, but we stayed on deck 1 and found it to be great and quiet. They say if prone to motion sickness the lower in the ship and the more to the middle the better. This is why we chose deck 1. I can also depend on the catagory number which deck you would be on. Honestly I don’t think there is a bad deck.


I know nada about the Disney Cruises, so I’m just here to welcome you to Mousebuzz! :laugh:


Thank you everyone for such a warm welcome. It’s nice to be a part of a group of people who love to talk about Disney!