Almost there


TWENTY TWO DAYS…and BOY am I counting every minute. I’ve started packing. Pretty much everything we are taking is bought and ready to go. I’ve kinda nailed down a itinerary, HOWEVER, I’m still trying to decide if my three year old and ten month old should ride some rides. Just because it says they can ride them doesn’t mean they should ride them. KWIM???

So for all of you who have been in the last year…what do you think about the following rides?
For the three year old (She is 42 inches tall). She loves thrills and not much scares her, but she is tall and tiny. My little pixie…:laugh:
Splash Mountain
Test Track
Thunder Mountain
Stitches Great Escape

For the ten month old. She is a chubby little baby and has great head control.
Toy Story Mania (Does it sling your head alot?)
Backlot Ride
Buzz Light Year

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!


Out of all of those ride Dinosaur is probably the only ride that is really bumpy and jerky, and may be a little scary for small children. All the rest are great ride for children, and toy story mania does not jerk you around. Let the kids be adventurous since you are on vacation after all. It is Disney they are safe and they will have a blast.


Stitch might be a little scary…a lot of kids have problems with the darkness and dinosaur freaks me out…other that that I think you’ll be fine :slight_smile:


Dinosaur is a bit bumpy, and IMO really not that great of a ride, and if I was a little kid I think I would find the Stitch ride scary.


Thanks so much for the reply!!! I was so worried that TSM would be way to jerky. Glad to know that we all will be able to ride. My 11 year old reminded me how at 8 (our last trip) that he didn’t even like Dinosaur…so I’m thinking we’ll just skip. Thanks again!!!


My DD is a thrill seeker too, when she was 3 though, she didn’t like stitch - it freaked her out a little (because of it being somewhat darkish) and Dinosaur was too jerky. The roller coasters were her favorite. Enjoy and have fun!


Word of caution…learned the hard way about Splash Mountain.

Even though she is still tall enough be sure to keep her close and hold onto her over the big drop. My daughter was the same tall and skinny at 3 so we took her on the ride. She did great BUT with no lap restraints when we started to drop she was literally claiming over the seat to get out. She was tiny, QUICK AND WET…imagine trying to restrain a wet noodle on a 55 ft drop. Yeah, not fun and I was seriously scared to death. It happen in just a flash of a second before I even knew what she was doing. Now, many years later, we have the funniest picture on Splash Mountain with her butt in the air, horrified look on my face, and her aunt reaching to grab her…one of the great Disney treasures.

So keep her close and have a blast!!


We took DS on all the 42 inch rides when he was a week from turning 3. He loved them, but I absolutely don’t like the Stitch ride and thought that he would have an issue with it, so we did skip that ride.

Plan is to go back this year, just after he turns 5, we’ll have to see…he gets a little more scared now than he did at 3. :blush:

He is currently tall enough for everything but Rock’n’Roller Coaster, and may be tall enough for it by then, but don’t know that he will be up for it.