Almost time to make ADRs and I have a "what if" question


In early May we are going to Disney with my DD, DDIL and DGS (age 2). Five people total. My DB MIGHT join us. He likes to make trips plans a week or so ahead. His concern is more of weather than where he might stay. He drives so on site/ off site doesn’t matter to him. Now to the question, since we will need a 5 top table with our group, do you think there will be an issue to add him to meals at the last min? Or could we make the ADR for 6 people and possibly just not show up with him. Would we get penalized?


That is a good question. In the past, I don’t think it would have mattered either way to add or take away—but things have changed now. I will look forward to seeing the answer to this.

I would love for my DSIL to join us next summer, but he doesn’t plan ahead either. I am going ahead with our plans and will get BOG 180 days out. If he decides to go—I will hope we can add him. If not—love him but—sorry Charlie. :slight_smile: This will be the only ADR we will make so I am not going to change it!!! :laugh::laugh:

Have fun with your plans for May with your DGS!!!


Make the reservations for 6 people. Show up with 5 if he does not join you and tell them you lost a traveler. Disney will not penalize you for one less person. The only time this would not be a good idea is for pre-paid events like Hoop De Doo, Spirit of Aloha and CRT. For those three, book with 5 and try to add him later.


Thanks Dana. The three ADRs would be Ohana (dinner) and Cape May (breakfast and dinner). Depending on when he comes, he may only be there for two of those meals. Right now, DH and I are going down from May 4 to May 15. DS from May 6 to May 15. I don’t think DB will come for that long of a trip. Maybe 6 days.

We already have plans if AP+ is in full swing, we’ll just let him use our FP for the rides. He gets to disney about every few yrs and I’m sure we’ll see more of our DS, DDIL and DGS than the 5 mins on a ride.

And just in case anyone is interested, our whole list of planned ADRs are…

DH and I, May 4 Trails end dinner
May 6 The Wave - breakfast

whole crew May 7 Ohana dinner (subject to change if we can’t get that date LOL)
May 10 Cape May breakfast

DH and I May 11 San Angel Inn dinner

everybody May 12 Cape May dinner

DH and I May 14 Captains Grill breakfast (if anyone wants to join us at the last min, they don’t seem really really busy for breakfast)


You’re welcome - happy to help. ADRs look good!


we have made a about half of our ADR’S Via Napoli,Be our Guest,Cape May,Raglan Road so far Ohana’s Narcoosees this time instead of our traditional Citricos(dislike the weakening of the menu)also german buffet,and a couple of others that we haven’t made the decision for yet…we are going to be there end of april beginning of may