Almost time!


Aside from the numerous countdowns I have set, I got the “Helpful Information for your upcoming vacation” email from my DVC Guide! I’m almost too excited to sleep!!!:laugh::mickey::laugh::mickey:


YAY! I hope you have a great time…wish I was going soon! At home this morning it was -5 YUCK!


Thanks! Not as cold here, but it hasn’t gotten out of the 20s yet.


AWESOME!!! I think that we should play Disney trivia on your last night of work this week, or maybe a disney movie…


Well this is my 50th post. I need 50 more and I can begin my count down to Disney. Thats great your trip is set and you will be there soon. It was 2 degrees this morning with a wind chill 0f -12 below. Think of us when your there.


That would drive John NUTS!!! :laugh:

That would be this Saturday into Sunday…at least, that’s my last night of work when you’ll be there.


I think we should play on friday while John is there… Hee Hee that would be awesome…