Alright, I'm out too!


Hey All,
I am not leaving until Saturday, but I will have way too much to do tomorrow to sit on the computer ! I’ll miss my late chats with all of you ! Talk to you on Feb. 13th !!! (maybe the 12th if I’m energetic when we get home) :tongue:


Have a Magical and safe trip!


Take Care TF74! I hope you get everything done and have a great time!


I’ll miss you! See you when you get back!


Have a great time!!! :happy:


Have a wonderful time and come back to us safe and sound.


Have a great trip! Be safe!!


Have an AMAZING trip, we CANNOT wait for all your photos and your grand trip report!!!


Just in case you find time to take a peek at DC before you leave, HAVE FUN!!!


be safe & have fun!


Have a great trip! :mickey:


Bye Michelle!! Hope you have lots of fun!!


Have a wonderful trip! :mickey:


Have a magical time tiggerfan…


Be safe and have a blast! :tongue:


Have a great time! Bring back lots of pics.