Alright, not best restaurant, but best Disney meal ever?


Everyone says best restaurant, but I am talking the best single meal ever meal at Disney. Who has a good story?


At Le Celler,( our first time eating there) on my 50 th birthday. The food was good but the service was so wonderful I wanted to cry. My DD had made us shirts that said, “Today is my 50th birthday” and my DH has a shirt that said “Today is my wife’s 50th birthday”.

We were seated and the server was so sweet. Brought the bread, which we ate in about 3 secs. Brought us more. During the meal, he brought the phone with goofy talking on it. Even though I knew about, it was still a thrill that someone did it for me. He brought me a dessert with the candle. It was a chocolate cup with chocolate moose (that’s not the right spelling, I’m talking about the pudding stuff), with the chocolate drizzle that said "happy birthday and topped with spun sugar. (I can’t remember what I ate last week, but this I remember :blink:) When he brought the dessert, he asked if we had a camera so he could take a picture of us. We didn’t even think of that.

Everything was just so wonderful. He really made us feel like he was taking care of us and not just bringing us food. We spoke to his manager afterward and left him a very large tip.

Just to show how much service makes a difference,and after eating there several more times, since our last trip, we have decided, yeah, the food is good but no better than a local steak place at 1/3 the price. And since we have got the TIW route, our food dollars can go a lot further at other places. (however if we were doing a split stay where we could get the dining plan for just a day or two, we’d use it for eating at Le Celler. It is a great deal with the dining plan.)


My best Disney meals have been in Disneyland but if I had to choose one at WDW I’d probably say, as of recently, Olivia’s! We had never eaten at Olivia’s before & didn’t have any big expectations either way. Based on suggestions we booked it last October early in our trip. The meal was SOOOO delicious, well prepared, & unforgettable that we ended up cancelling an ADR later in the week just to eat there again. DH felt the same way; friendly atmosphere, delicious food, even MORE delicious desserts, and just really impressive.

We’re very excited to go there again next month!


Our best meal was at LTT when DH and I had the pot roast. The thing was it was the closest thing we had to ‘English’ food and after 4 weeks we were ready for some of our ‘own’ food-it was delicious.


I’ll have to get back to you, but it’ll be the usual group of suspects.


Our best meal was our first meal at Rose and Crown in 2004. A bunch of different factors went into it. It was the second time we’d been to Disney and the first time we’d ever made ADR’s. We booked Ohana’s and Chef Mickey’s. I threw in Rose and Crown at the last minute from a suggestion made my an MBer because I was looking for somewhere that served really great steak and beer. My DH’s (he was just DBF back then!) favorite things. We went to Ohana’s expecting pure magic and it fell short. Our server was blah, Wishes was not piped in that night and even if it was the location of our table didn’t let us see it. Chef Mickey’s was fun…but that was it. We went to R & C expecting very little and it was amazing. Our server was excellent…we booked close to Illuminations but actually didn’t even know it at the time. She paced our meal just right so we ended up eating dessert while Illuminations happened. And we were right on the bottom deck in the very middle…a perfect view. I am not sure how good the food their actually was but to us it was magical! We both had the Steak and Prawns entree (this is long gone at RC now) and we actually had NO idea what prawns were. When we found out it was shrimp we were very happy. We also had lots of good beer and some yummy cake for desert. We love it so much we’ve been back there every trip since.


The Crystal Palace for breakfast, the character were alway very friendly and the waiters and waitress were alway great. And when our grandson was small and scared Pooh made him com out of his shyness. That day was so wonderful and now he isn’t afrais of any of the characters.


Our first visit to CRT - in 2005? This was the first year of the Dining Plan, I believe.

The meal was fabulous - good choices for adults and kids. I cannot exactly remember what we ate for the dinner, but the desserts were very memorable. I got a White Chocolate slipper filled with chocolate mousse. Our server was Gustav (he is still there!) and he was so great! The kids got sundaes in a glass mug with a chocolate crown.

The castle was amazingly beautiful, with a great view and we sure just felt like royalty. It was my son’s birthday, and the Fairy Godmother came and wished him Happy Birthday, and they even brought a special birthday card for him signed by Cinderella.

Very memorable, but not to be repeated. The food has since gone WAY DOWNHILL and we will be replacing this dinner with 1900 Park Fare this year. Oh, well, it was very magical for us all.


THe first I had Creme Brulee at Le Cellier it was to die for!


Citricos at the Grand Floridian. By far one of the best meals I have ever had in my life.

To tell the truth I have had a number of very good meals at Disney but our dinner at Citricos was above and beyond. I wanted to lick each and every plate clean but I think they would have frowned on that.


We’ve had two particularly memorable meals at Disney.

The first was in 2005, our first visit to Disney during the Christmas season. We got the first breakfast seating at CRT, so we were able to stroll down an empty Main St. with all the Christmas decorations. It was lovely. Due to the new parades, the decorations are different now. Back in 2005, there were wreaths that were draped overhead, so it created a bit of a tunnel effect.

The breakfast itself was just a treat. The princesses were all wonderful and our server was charming.

The other great meal was the next year when my folks and DS’s godfather joined us in Disney for a week during Christmas season. We spent a little over 3 hours at Portobello Yacht Club and frankly, we got a GREAT deal using the dining discount for APer’s. It seemed that we ate (and drank) forever. It was just a lovely dinner, filled with laughter and good fun. We had appetizers, full meals and dessert. DGF decided that he wanted to splurge on after-dinner drinks, so we each got a single-malt scotch. Then, the DK’s went back to the rooms with the DGP’s. DW, DS’s godfather and I went to PI for dancing. That was one of the better Disney nights from all of our trips.