Alright you twisted my arm for a LIVE Trip Report


Day 1
July 14/15, 2009

DW - ToriaDavis (She will be helping me with this report)

I’m not really sure where to start on Day 1 because it was so long. The reason for it being so long is because I really didn’t know were Tuesday ended and Wednesday started. However, on Tuesday when we got out of work my DW finished packing while I watched the MLB Allstar game and took a small nap. I was awakened to my friend banging on the door, showing up to take us to the airport. We left for the airport around 10pm, and got to McCarren Airport around 10:40pm. We checked in and headed to our gate. Our flight left at about 12:45am. By this time we were really tired so I fell asleep on the plane, but my DW had a hard time sleeping. We had a 2 hour layover in Houston, and then we were off to Orlando. On this flight my DW said that it was much more comfortable so she took a nap. I tried but it was less comfortable for me. Also I think I was just ready to get off the plane.

We finally got into Orlando and headed to the Disney Magical Express lines. This process took a lot longer then normal but I wasn’t really complaining because we are in the land of Disney and it just makes you happy. Although, I thought that it was funny that the two of us were the very first people on the bus and we were the very last two to get off the bus.

We checked in and everyone just seemed very happy to help us. Our room was not quite ready so we gave our carry ons to the bell desk and headed over to Animal Kingdom. I’m not quite sure this was the best idea, because we got to the park at 1pm. So it was really hot, sticky, and there were a lot of people. We attempted to head to EE but the fast pass times were not good for us and the lines were long. However, after a long day already we were hungery so we headed over to our favorite Yak & Yeti for some lunch. I got the Kung Pao Chicken, and DW had the Sweet and Sour Pork. I was good up until I (not on purpose) took a bit of one of the red peppers. My mouth was on fire. We needed to get out of the heat for a little bit so we jumped from store to store and then decided to go back to the hotel and relax since I got my text message with our room number.

When we got back to Kidani Village we head up to our room(which was now ready). WOW this room was incredible. We got a 1 bedroom and it is great. I was really impressed and both my wife and I both agreed that we might just stay here every time we stay at Disney. Also in addition to the great living room area, kitchen, bedroom, and incredible master bathroom, our balcony was long. We stood out on the balcony a little while and watched the caretakers feed the animals, and there are a good amount of different animals out on the Savanna. We saw giraffe’s, zebra’s, antelope’s and more. It was something of magic. While back in the room we freshened up and got our groceries, and then headed out to dinner. We ate at Boma which is another one of our favorites. It has great food, good atmosphere, and we also enjoyed a conversation with the gentle man sitting next to us. He was sitting by himself because his kids ditched him.

We were going to head to Animal Kingdom that night since they had extra magic hours. However, when we were heading to the bus stop it began raining. We didn’t have our umbrella and we really didn’t want to deal the with rain at such a big park. So we decided to head back to the room for a good night sleep, and a fresh start for the next day. Good idea because the rain became a downpour and didn’t let up for quite a while! Looking forward to a great day at Magic Kingdom now.


:biggrin: Yeah trip report!!!


A ‘LIVE’ ONE AT THAT!! :happy:


AWESOME! LIVE TR! Sounds like the transition from Tuesday to Wednesday was a little rough. But there you are at WDW and staying at fabulous Kidani. Have a great day at MK!!!


Oh boy, looking forward to the next installment. :slight_smile:


A fresh start is always smart.

HEY! - someone write that down.


Awesome! Kidani Village is so BEAUTIFUL!! :wub: Wait until you check out the pool!


Alrighty a Live TR.

Get off the Dumbo ride for the 12th time and add day 2!



Ok, good first day.
What time did your flight arrive in Orlando?


Here’s some pics to stir your curiosity and keep you entertained.


[QUOTE=lisalovesmickey;977208]Alrighty a Live TR.

Get off the Dumbo ride for the 12th time and add day 2!


In our case it would either be pirates or haunted mansion


[QUOTE=Dopey;977253]Ok, good first day.
What time did your flight arrive in Orlando?[/QUOTE]

we landed in orlando around 11am


Oh my goodness. Look at that room!!! I want to go there! NOW!


Wow that was a long trip. I am amazed that you even made it to the parks after that long night.
Where are you now? Are you typing your MK day for us?


here are some pics from our balcony


[QUOTE=Dopey;977259]Wow that was a long trip. I am amazed that you even made it to the parks after that long night.
Where are you now? Are you typing your MK day for us?[/QUOTE]

well our day has not finished yet so day 2 will be much later but we were at MK this morning but it is break time now so we are off to the pool


Way too cool!

Now go enjoy yourself, you can post more later tonight.


during our march trip, we went there to check out the resort…the zebras were so close you could hear them munchin on the grass!! very cool!


Wow that is a beautiful room- I especially love that bathtub!!:wub:
Thanks for giving us a live TR!!!:biggrin:


Wow, that is a long balcony. That’s all yours? You didn’t have to share it with anyone? And what a beautiful view. :wub: Enjoying your live report and pictures, so keep them coming.:biggrin: