Alternative to lanyard/pins!


The power went out in my house last night and I was up until about 5 thinking… and I remember waiting in line for ToT and these two families gave eachother a peace sign, then they were talking about their board, but I can’t recall the name.

So why don’t we try something like that… because I’d rather not embarrass myself and have some random person I don’t know give me odd looks! :laugh:


Yes, we should think of a secret MB handshake. :laugh: :tongue:


We could just raise one eyebrow and stick out our tongue. How bout that? :huh: :tongue:


Good idea!!!


Let’s all just walk backwards through the parks. That way we will recognize each other and be quite unique.


WE should break out in a random dance move every 5 minutes…lol


:laugh: All of the above! Then there will be NO DOUBT who comes from MouseBuzz!


We could just raise one eyebrow and stick out our tongue.

The tongue is doable but I just can’t seem to get 1 eyebrow to go up at a time.:blink:

Any coworkers walking by right now would really have to wonder what is wrong with me. :laugh:


I can’t get any eyebrows to go up.

I can hold it and look even more unique. :laugh:

Edit: Sorry if I confused anyone, I meant like I can’t raise either eyebrow by itself.


the people’s eyebrow…


And Jess was worried that a lanyard and pin would embaress her?:eek:


I think we should rub our bellies and tap our heads while walking through the park. And for those of you that this causes problems for then you can tap your belly and rub your head!
:happy: :happy: :happy:


:laugh: This thread cracks me up!

Sorry maybe the eyebrow idea won’t work…I just know that mine is CONSTANTLY going up (even when I don’t mean for it to) so I’d be easily identifiable! LOL! :huh:


I have the same problem, everyone calls me “The Rock!” (when that happens), I don’t know how to do it on command, it is just a naturally occurring thing!


Kindred spirits! People have called me The Rock too! That’s so funny!!

My aunt does the same exact thing…and doesn’t believe it. I know how she feels. Half the time I swear I’m not moving a muscle, but people tell me “there goes the eyebrow again!” :pinch:


You’ll recognize me at night. I’m the guy with the camcorder and tripod racing from Epcot to MK.
Excuse me. Pardon me. I’ve got better moves than John Riggens and Emmett Smith combined.


That is too funny! I am glad you knew what I ment when I said “the Rock”!


Oh boy did I know! DH loves him. :laugh: :confused: So I knew exactly what you meant.


No, I meant that like by going up to someone who is not who you think it is is embarrasing!

Pins and lanyards don’t bother me, I don’t care, I’ll never see any of those people again in my life, but hey I could be included in their jokes for their TR! :laugh:


People will REALLY joke about it if you use all of the great suggestions above to be identified! :wink: :laugh: (Whoo, y’know that girl Jess? She’s a nutcase!!) Heehee