Always wanted to try the Fish & Chips in WS


Every year I want to try the Fish & Chips over at Epcot in England, but we always seem to have just eaten or are about to go out someplace to eat, are they pretty good?


I’ve never had the counter service ones, but the ones at the Rose & Crown restaurant are delicious. I’ve also heard many rave reviews about the CS variety! Hopefully you can try them on your upcoming trip!


I love the fish but thought the chips tasted a bit odd-Harry Ramsdens who has the chip shop in Epcot has a great reputation for fish and chips here in England so we were looking forward to a little taste of ‘home’ I dont know if we would have them again. The best chips/fries we think are from the little cart on the boardwalk by the Pizza place at Disney Boardwalk they are delish!!


OMG!!! We think they are delicious!!! Our first trip was with my parents. They ate there almost daily!!!

Every trip after that as soon as we get home, my Mom and Dad need to know if we ate in England and how many times!!! LOL

Just an FYI. We like them for lunch. It’s a small order and seems to be “just right” size wise.


We like them. But I wish they’d supply white vinegar.


maybe it was the vinegar with us???


I :heart:LOVE:heart: them!!! The CS ones are just as good as the ones inside Rose & Crown, in my opinion - I think the R&C ones are just bigger, and they come with peas too. You can’t go wrong either way you have them!!


My DD loves them! I have never tried them…I hate fish.


Ya gotta have em’ with a nice cold pint! :cool:


Have not tried them myself, but have put it on my “To do list” for thsi upcoming trip!!!


We ate them on our last trip and loved them! We had always said we wanted to eat there, but we were never hungry when we were there. this last trip, we made it a point to eat lunch there. We will definitely go back again.


They are good, but depending on the filet that is used, it could be a dry tasting experience. I think the fish at PI - the counter service location just outside the Irish Tavern facing the parking area - is best; you literally get a huge hunk of cod with each order!

Best fish and chip I ever had was on some un-named back alley in London - I don’t think I could find it again if I tried!


If you like fish and chips it’s definately worth the stop.


I thought they were pretty good!!


We always start our Eat and Drink fest at that end- We eat and drink something in each country and so its beer and fish and chips to start. We do the breakfast and then the entrance of the park for the morning. We start the countries around lunch time so it works great! We love them!


also on my to do list for our upcoming trip!


I’ve had both restaurant and cs variety. They are both excellent. And, if I remember correctly, they do have vinegar, but you have to ask for it.


Sounds like I will have to try it this Nov, toooo many good reviews to pas it up this year!!