Am I booking too far ahead?


So I have never booked a trip for 10 months out before (I’m sooooo lost), and I a issue w/ air fare. How dose everyone know what kind of price they are going to pay that far in advace? We fly out of TF Green in Providece RI (non-stop) and they are only booking till January 2010, but our trip is June 2010, what do I do??
Dose everyone just [I]wing it?[I] :laugh::laugh::laugh:[/I][/I]
Our trip is going to be pretty inexpesive because of our Disney Dollars, but high airfare could be our downfall :ohmy:


Welcome to MB! You’re asking a bunch of OCD Disney planners if you’re booking to far ahead?:laugh: You’re going to get a lot of support here.

Tracking airfare is a pain. We do SW from here, but they never came up with a decent fare. At least we’re close enough (11 hours) to drive.


We fly SWA from here too. And yes, tracking airfare is a PITA. But, while I was watching flight times (more important to us than cost since we fly for free with rewards) I did see $49 airfare each way! Crazy cheap. Also, my Dad got round trip on Air Tran for $49 each way for their upcoming WDW trip. Those flights are currently $64 each way which is still great. Prices change daily so just plan to book as soon as you see a fare that sounds fair to you, don’t delay or wait for something better. You might check into the new Orbitz offer where if someone else books the same flight for cheaper, they reimburse you the difference (I think that’s right). GL and happy early-planning!


We’ve booked in advance many times but i don’t book airfare until about 4 months out. ( sometimes 3)


So a safe bet is to plan for at the most $150 one way. I think the most I’ve paid is $120 and that was only for 1 of the ways. We fly out of Providence SW all the time. If I remember it was $89 the first time I had to pay for my own tickets, that was about 8-10yrs ago. This year was $99-$120 because I needed to do seperate one way’s. I always try to fly Tuesday -Thursday because it’s cheaper. Go ahead and check out the prices that are up there now and just playaround. Take that as a round about # to plan for as a cost.


We alway book almost 12 mos ahead of time except for air fare. We book airfare around 3 to 5 mos ahead of time when we find a good buy. That way we have everything paid off by the time we leave.


10 mos is perfect! Wait for airfare until about 4 months!


We usually book the flight a few months after booking the resort. Pay attention to the fares though, even after you book. My DH was able to call Southwest & get a credit of $150+ when they dropped the price about 3 weeks after we booked our flight. Yea- credit that we can use for our next Disney trip! It pays to keep checking back & compare, compare, compare. Thanks to a tip here, we decided to check Southwest out of BWI, which is about another 1-1.5 hour drive for us- we normally fly out of Dulles by AirTran or Jet Blue, but we definitely saved by driving just a little farther.


We have booked our trip for March. We drive our motorhome but have been looking for flights for the rest of the family. Found round trip from Westchester for $138.00/person and Hartford was $158.00/person. Have found that the earlier you are able to book the better prices you are able to get. Using Travelocity in the past I have been able to set a notification for low prices to the destination I was traveling to, not sure if they still offer that service but it wouldn’t hurt to check. Good Luck and have a great Disney vacation.