Am I crazy?


For the last two years, we have gone to WDW the week before Christmas with my MIL and FIL. I really want to go again, BUT our DS is due to be born on November 11th! We just went in May. If we went at the very beginning of December (Dec 2-10), am I just crazy to think about going with a baby that early?? Part of me says YES and part of me says no.

This would be our first DVC vacation. We already have tickets from a previous trip. My daughter went for her first time at 7–8 weeks. I know we would not have our normal play until you drop days, but I just want to be there during Christmas.

I guess I know I SHOULD not go, but am trying to convince myself and my DH that it would be alright.


A baby that young will travel easily, keep him full and he’ll sleep most of the time. However, exposing him to all the people and germs that come with them might be a concern for some people. Talk to your doctor and see what he/she thinks before you make any plans.


The germ thing is what I’d be worried about. I think as long as you keep the baby covered so people aren’t trying to put their hand on him you’ll be okay.


Most things would never keep me away from WDW - but I differ here.

I just think the baby will be too young to expose him/her to crowds like that. I know that’s a bit of an old-fashioned outlook, but I’d prefer erring on the cautious side. Too many germs around for an infant.


That is my biggest issue with going. I know the end, we probably will not go. We love Disney, but I would hate for my son to get sick. I have seen babies this young there, but It is hard to do that yourself.

I guess I am tyring to convince myself that it would be alright.


Will you be strong/rested enough to enjoy the trip?


I wonder if you have a baby at the park if they do any thing special for you?

Maybe a “Born in Disney” pin.


Chances are, he’d be fine - but it’s that one little “what if”.

There’s also all the regular stuff - getting into a schedule, nursing issues, your own health. Personally, I’d say, relax at home and get ready for a wonderful first Christmas with him. WDW will still be there when he’s a little older.


Babies are very resiliant (sp?) and can cope/adapt to most things but in this instance I would have to side with llama I’m afraid. Yes it would be lovely but with a baby so small and new I would have too many concerns and with all the worrying I be doing I wouldn’t enjoy myself and would inevitably end up bringing the whole family down with me~ and most of the memories would not be happy ones.


I think having a baby that young could also cause alot of disruptions to your days and plans, especially if you have older children who arn’t too keen on having to journey back to the hotel alot?
Iv always said that if I had children one day Id take them when there a little older to WDW but everyone has their own preference



Our DD (the cutie in my Avatar) made her very first WDW trip when she was 6 weeks old! She did just fine and so did we…It was just the first of many trips!

DS was 4 at the time and he helped. MIL and SIL were along with us. We just kept the lil’ darlin’ covered in SPF 30 in her stroller and she was comfortable as she could be. It got her started on a long history of catching Disney Fever whenever her dear-ol dad comes down with it! She’s a bonafide Disney nut!

(BTW: DD is now 20 years old - the Avatar pic was taken a “few” years ago.)



My peds never had any quallms with me taking my kids as newborns anywhere, so I took them everywhere and never had a sick infant. One ped told me the best time to travel with a healthy infant is when he’s very young because of my antibodies still in their system (?? Just passing on what I was told :smile: ). The weather should be mild so no risk of him being too hot, you can keep him covered in clothes and simply tell people not to touch him. You will have the comfort of DVC and the help of extended family. I wouldn’t fly with a newborn, but as I remember you drive, right?

I know you have been enough times to not feel like you have to do everything, but how will you feel if you can’t do anything? Will you wish you had waited to get to know his likes, dislikes etc a little more? Even worse, will you feel like you wasted your trip? :sad:

I know you want to go to the Christmas party you wait until late Jan you can go to the Pirates and Princess party, and then go next December :mickey:

I don’t think I’m much help here, lol.


Don’t do it.

You’ve already heard the germ argument (My 1yo DD came home horribly sick, after some strange child came up and sneezed in her face. It was not your typical cold, and she was sick the rest of the winter.)

BUT there is a lot more. My cousin was taken out to a family picnic at just a few weeks old. It was the kind of day no one would think about wearing sunscreen for. But this was the baby’s first exposure to the sun. He had a horrible sunburn, and there was no way to console him for days afterward.

One thing I “fault” regular posters on this board is too often we are screaming “Go!” in our own enthusiasm. I’ve read posts telling people to put off paying bills or put off other responsibilties to “go.” We need to keep in mind that WDW is a splurge/treat/privilege, and not a right or something “deserved.”

I’m not suggesting someone is a bad parent for taking a newborn to WDW, but my personal priorities could not allow for it.


First of all - God Bless you all who can even think about brushing your teeth and showering on a daily basis with a 4-6 weeks old infant let alone go on a vacation! :laugh:

Second - I would have to say keep the baby home. I am so much of a germ-a-phobe (sp) when it comes to tiny babies. Our pediatritian warned us to be very cautious about exposing newborns to people outside of the immediate family - at least for a few weeks. Babies are very susceptible to germss at such a young age. Especially in the winter. I know that it will still be warm in Florida but a lot of people will be there from all over the world and it is winter in a lot of those places.