Am I crazy?


My wife and I are going to DW from August 20-27, so I know it will be extremely hot/humid and packed. I have already set all our ADR’s up for our stay but not sure if I should have an agenda for each park and days. Do most people have an agenda for which rides to go on when and which parks on each day? Am I obsessing to much over this, because if it were up to me I’d probably have a second by second plan-LOL. Yes I can be flexible but like a good plan, that’s the teacher in me.

And how packed will the parks be at that time(Aug20-27)? I’ve heard mixed reviews-some say filled to the brim and others say it’s slowing down a bit.

Thanks for the info/help!!!


I have never been to WDW but your post made me laugh. You sound like me. I could plan a minute by minute plan for the entire trip. That is part of the fun I think… ( For us anyways)


School for most of Florida is back in by Aug. 20, so I don’t think it will too crowded, but yes, it’ll be hot.
I don’t know about most people, but we usually have a general plan with lots of room for flexibility built in.
Just try not to stress, take it slow, take plenty of breaks and have fun!!!


I go with the flow …and DH is “a herd animal” he follows the pack :slight_smile: I am one of the most laid back of the WDW addicts on here … I never make ADR’s except same day or special occasions.
oh yeah August will be hot and humid but if your lucky you get the little rain showers …put on a poncho and keep going … as long as there is no lighting they will not shut down rides like Splash Mt.

p.s. welcome to MouseBuzz and my brother lives in Syracuse :slight_smile:


I’m glad I could make ya’ laugh ak172. My wife thinks I’m crazy but doesn’t want me to stop. That’s either because she thinks I’m helping our trip or all this planning keeps me out of her hair. By the way, thanks for the info and comforting thoughts.


:laugh: You’re in good company here. I think it’s good to have a basic plan - but be flexible.

I make plans more because it’s fun, than following them in stone.


Hey buddy,

It will be hot and humid.  The crowds will make it busy, but not unmanageable.  It's good to make a plan in advance - designed to hit the busy rides early and avoid bottlenecks - but also plan for breaks in the day, and be flexible.  Part of the fun are the spontaneous touches that can't be planned.  Most importantly, have a great time!:happy:


You are not “crazy”!!! When it comes to WDW, you can never plan too much or too little. Read and research so you can see as much as you can. You will never see and do everything so that gives you more reason to return in the future. Just remember to be flexible with your planning. Sometimes commando is no fun. You want to enjoy your trip!

I have OCD when it comes to planning our trips (including non WDW trips). I usually have a few spreadsheets. One I have the trip laid out with our ADR’s, times and confirmation #s for the days. Then I add the park’s that have early/late entries on thier specific days. Next I have a sheet for each park listing places to grab breakfast (if we don’t eat at the resort or have an ADR) counter service restaurants for lunch and/or dinner, places to grab a snack, times for parades and fireworks. I have a very picky DH and sometimes DS, so I have to find somewhere that we will all find something to eat.

I’ll go over it a billion times with DH but there is nothing set in stone except the ADR’s. If I have made an ADR in the morning for a park, usually we will go to that park. Otherwise, we are pretty flexible and decide the night before, which park we will hit in the morning.

You do what feels right to you! Either way, have fun planning your trip.


My DH and I are mostly opposite of the majority here. Our life is so planned out and busy, on our vacation, the last thing we want to do is “make a commitment.” So, the only plans that we make is for each of us to announce in the morning what ride they would like to do that day, and we make sure that the four rides are covered. Other than that, whatever we feel like that day.


I am very much a “go with a plan” WDW visitor. I have every day planned and typed up in 3-ring binder. Before the meal plan, we would actually pre-pick meals using on-line menues to stay within budget.

BUT I’m also the first one to scrap an entire day’s plan when something unexpected comes up (Like when we were picked to be a “family of the day” at AK.).

Anyway, if this is your first trip, I highly suggest you buy a copy of the Unofficial Guide to WDW and follow the touring plans. I know from experience that they work. Using them can make a HUGE difference in the type of vacation you have.


BTW, the obsessive planning is a fun way for me to prepare for the trip. I don’t do this with other types of vacations.