Am I last to know, when did WDW start posting menus?


So I looking at the ADR thing and there is a link for “overview” and I scroll down. On the lower right hand side, there are links for menus. I only checked two places, but I’m guessing they have them for everywhere.


I was totally unaware that the official Disney site posted menus.
I just use All Ears.

I think they only just started putting up menus on the Disney site.
It also appears to only be for selected table service restaurants and for none of the CS places.


I noticed that randomly a week or so ago when making ADRs, but like Soundgod said, it looks like it is not for everywhere. I wonder if they will keep them updated on the official site.


I noticed it when on line booking started.


What’s the link to the ADR on the Disney site?

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[QUOTE=sacredrose;986404]What’s the link to the ADR on the Disney site?

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Disney World Dining and Reservations | Walt Disney World Resort


Thanks for the link. Now, i’m not seeing the dinning menus. Am I just being blind?

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