Am I Out of Luck?


Once an item is “currently unavailable” at Disneydirect, does that mean I am pretty much out of luck? Does “currently unavailable” mean “we’re never selling this again but haven’t bothered to get it off the server yet”, or is there a chance?

Must have the Mickey Kitchen Timer! No one else has it… the only place I see it is eBay for twice the original price. I don’t know how I missed it before, but I just saw it in the current Disney catalog and it would make the perfect addition to my (not over the top!) Mickey kitchen.

So is there any hope?


As a avid buyer on disneyshopping, I have found that once an item is unavailable, it’s more or less not coming back. I have only been able to get an item once after it went to that status and I buy there…lots. Try ebay and keep checking disneyshopping. You may get lucky. They have an 800 number. Call them and see if they think they will be getting it back in. good luck.


Thanks for the quick response. I"ll give them a call, but I’m not holding out much hope. And I just can’t see spending $25 on eBay for a timer!


Call the World of Disney store in NYC or the Marketplace and ask them if they have it on the shelves! WE have done this in the past (for Toy Story Bucket O’ Soldiers!), and they sent it to me directly from the store!


I know the Marketplace doesn’t have them- I was specifically looking for a Kitchen Timer while I was there- I just didn’t know exactly what it was I was looking for!

But… I’m gonna call WOD tomorrow morning! Thanks for the tip!


I can’t see spending that either. Hang in there and keep trying. If I see it pop up on there, I’ll pm you.


Andrea, I am looking around for Disney kitchen goodies–I will keep my eyes open and will let you know if I come across one!


Dana & Doughnut… THANK YOU! Very kind!


Keep an eye on also. Sometimes things that are no longer available on disneyshopping show up there.


I ran into the same issue with the Mickey Classic Pewter bedroom and bathroom decor items that I purchased for my new house.

I ended up buying the shower curtain, throw pillow, bath mat and towels on Ebay. Paid a little over the regular price (when you include the shipping, etc.) but considering I was able to get the bedspread off for nearly 50% off it still evened out.

We’ve got a disney outlet store nearby…next time I’m in there I’ll look for you!


Oh, I bet it’s beautiful! I really like that set. I had to stop myself from doing that in my bathroom since I’ve already got the Mickey kitchen going! I didn’t want to get TOO crazy! (Okay, there’s also a Disneyland print in my living room. But it doesn’t LOOK like a Disneyland print unless you look closely, so that doesn’t count, right?)

And thanks for the offer to keep an eye out. :happy:


Yeah, I haven’t picked a kitchen theme yet…house isn’t finished being built…but I was leaning to Mickey! I do think the guest room and bath will have to be the extent of the Disney decor though! :closedeye DH said I could do the kitchen Mickey too, but I’m not sure that’s what he REALLY wanted.


I noticed this seller is accepting offers…did you try to bid something more along the lines of what you’d be willing to pay?


Allyson, are you checking the one in Destin?
Andrea, I’ll be in Foley this weekend and check the Outlet there.


yeah, Destin, I’ll be over that way in the next day or so…I forgot there was one in Foley too. We may be there this weekend as well!! I’m going to my sister’s in Daphne on Saturday and we’re going shopping – haven’t decided for sure where yet.

Sorry for the thread jack Andrea…point is, we’ll be on the look-out!


I didn’t notice that seller was taking offers! So Thank You-- and I made an offer! Not a great one, I had to consider the additional $6 they want for shipping… but I gave it a try!


Several hours later…

My offer got declined, and I got a rather snotty response telling me that bids should be near the selling price. Dude, your selling price was $10 over what you paid for it, possibly $15 over, so don’t get an attitude with me!

If he really wanted to get rid of it, he would have accepted my offer (and wouldn’t have lost money, despite what he tried to tell me. I know what the sale price was. I also know that what he was asking for shipping is more than it will really cost. It wouldn’t have been a huge profit, but it wouldn’t have been a loss). How hard would it have been for him to simply say, “No, thanks”? I hate stuff like that.


Oh man…I’m sorry. I can’t believe someone would act like that!! Why put it out for offers if you don’t want any? Just list it as a regular auction with a starting bid as low as you’ll go. Shucks…I was hoping you’d have some luck. I’ll still keep my eye out around here for one.


I know this is a zombie thread, shoot me, K?

Just want to let Andrea know… I checked the Disney outlet in Foley - no timer. I’ll be there again this weekend, and will look again, but I don’t think it’ll be there. Hope you can find one!!


Oh, that’s so kind. I definitely appreciate it.