Am I psycho?


Is it crazy for me to already have most of my dinner plans planned out and my trip is still over 200 days away?


YES :wink:

No :happy:


Well, I don’t know if I’m qualified to answer that…

But ALL of us plan our Disney meals!! :laugh:


Um, if you’re psycho then WE’RE ALL psycho!!! I wasn’t as bad as you, I had ALL of my meals planned out by day 182… :whistling (even Counter Service!!!)



Welcome to the nuthouse. :wink:

Do you have spreadsheets? Have you purchased a PassPorter?

When it really gets bad is around the 100 day mark when new schedules come out, people give you new ideas, or you have a realization that all of your plans need to be changed. :laugh:


Alright, I admit it, I started picking out my restaurants when I booked my trip back in January, and our trip isn’t until the middle of December. So that’s over 300 days out. Of course, plans change several times over, which is all the more fun. It helps with my PDD!


It doesn’t make you psycho, it makes you one of us! :mickey:


:blink: I don’t think it makes you psycho. I mean…I already have my dinners planned for my next trip…and I don’t even have a countdown! :laugh: :blink:


Well Peppertink is psycho, but for entirely different reasons. :tongue:


Ssshhhhhh! I’m tryin’ to keep that a secret! :wink:


May I please join in.
I think we are all like that…
I had everything I needed together when we booked in January…


Of course your not a psycho! :mickey:


Oh thanks I feel better now. Last night I got DH to add a day to our Disney Trip!


you are never psycho for looking forward to the best vacation place in the world.


YAY!!! Now that’s awesome!!! :happy:


We were semi planning our Nov 2006 trip by the end of our Nov 2005 trip!!


No more psycho than I am for having a packing list already for a trip that is 131 days away…lol I have submitted a suggested packing list to my DD’s Gf’s mother…she definately thinks I am insane. I also included a typed intinerary along with phone numbers of the resort…lol


Jen if you are psycho, we all are too. Welcome to the asylum! :happy:


Heck no, you’re not psycho! You’ve got to make ADRs in 20 days…it BETTER be in STONE by now!! :laugh: Ok…so, not in stone…LOL…but you’re definitely among “family” here…so if you’re psycho, we all are!



Welcome to the club!! :happy: