Am I the ONLy one going in AUGUST?!?!


I noticed on the “Who’s going to WDW” thread that I am the only person listed for August (19th-26th). I CAN’T be the only person out there? Am I? How am I going to meet other DCers!!?!??! I need to find a better time of the year to go, when we are out of school. hehe!

Any other August people out there?


I will possibly be there the end of August!!! Or early Sept…it all depends on what works best for my parents.

I don’t want to sound like a cheese, but I don’t know how keen my mom is on me meeting people I “never met”. :pinch: Can’t blame her for being a mom, yeah? :wacko:


Wish, as a former Floridian, you should know this…
August = sun + heat = sweat. Standing in line + the previous = no way.

Not to mention that it’s smack in the middle of hurricane season!

LOL, but I hope you find someone!


I know, I know! It rained EVERY day we were there last year BUT there were NO crowds at all. OH, the JOYS of being a teacher!!!

I hope someone is there to share in my misery? hehe!


I’ll be there to see WishyWishWishWish!!


Is the possibilty of me going not good enough? :wink: I’m totally maybe going!! :laugh:


I hope it works out for you Screever!!! Even though we dodge hurricanes, rain, and super heat it’s a very slow time!!! heheh!! See ya there!!!


I won’t be going Wish… I’m sorry. I’d love to meet up with you…

Hey…it’s gonna be really hot in August… What are the chances you’ll try a Redneck Waterfall, just for me? :biggrin:


What is that?


You must be joking. You’ve never heard of my wonderful (and patented) cooling off maneuver, the Redneck Waterfall?


I wish I was going to be there…I would love to meet up with some DCer’s (that last Spoodles event looked like it was all kinds of fun!)

Maybe next time!


I know the secrets of the Redneck Waterfall!!! :eek: GASP!

Of course I could never use that term around my mom, though her side of the family has those…sort of tendencies. :wink:

I hope to be there too Wish!!! Here’s hoping we could run into each other at some point! And make it look like an accident or something. :laugh: Oooooh my dear mother…


Should I be afraid to ask? OK, I will anyway, WHAT in the WORLD is a redneck waterfall?:huh: