AMAZING Disney Parks Holiday Commercial


I wish I were going for Christmas time! Check this out…it’s going to make you want to be there this holiday season.

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Yes, that is really, really cute. It does make you want to go.


I want to jump on that pirate ship and sail away to WDW. Love the commercial.


What a beautiful commercial! I can’t wait to see all the holiday decorations, my favorite time of year in WDW.


The commerical is really cute - This is why I love WDW at Christmas


I love it, I can’t wait!


I have not seen this on TV yet. What an awesome commercial. It makes me want to go to Disney World now.DW has been trying to get me to go for a long weekend in Dec. but we just don’t have the finances for it right now.


I love it!!


That is absolutely adorable. Love it.


God help me if DW sees this. A 5 hour drive will be nothing for her at that point. :eek:


I was piloting that boat, you know.


My parents are leaving Saturday for their trip and this commercial is not helping me…I wish we were all going!!!:crying::tinytree:


Very cool!! We’ll be at DLR in just over a week!!!


Oh my GOODNESS. What I wouldn’t give for money for a trip. :crying:

That was beautiful.


Yup that did it! I WANT TO GO!!! :crying::crying::crying:


That gave me the chills…I never thought I would want to be in WDW for Christmas but that commercial just changed my mind.


wdw castle…but DLR’s…small world…also they do an amazing job on the small castle at DLR…great commercial …am going on nov20th for 3 nights will let all know how the decorations and activities are …it is great to be close to DLR…eases the pain of being so far away from WDW…always a good fix