Amazing freebies


This my 8th trip to DW and have had amazing luck. It is my daughter and I. We were supose to stay at The Contemporary in a Garden Jr. Suite for 6 nights with an AP price of approx $1900. When we arrive I asked the CM checking us in what it would cost to upgrade to concierge. She called the res desk and said they gave it to us for FREE!!!
Then we go the game room at approx 10 at night and the CM there said the computers were down so the games were FREE.
Lastly,we make it a point to get those ridiculously expensive pics on the wal at EPCOT each visit. WE went, took the pics an left. I realized they never asked for payment. Being honest I went back and told the CM. SHe said (to my daughter) for being honest the2 tiles were… yes FREE.

I never thought I woul get freebies at Disney!!!


Wow!! What great luck you had! Makes the trip even more magical:)


Freebies are good. Did you ever think how much $$$ WDW spends in handing out free stickers to kids every day?


You’re the Master of Free!

That ROCKS! ;c)


Free is Good! Gotta love it!

Erin–does that goat have a license?


WAY TO GO! i’m never usually that lucky…I would probably be charged double! :laugh:


Isn’t it great to get freebies like that at WDW? :cool:

Not to one up your story, but this reminded me of our luck when we were upgrading our park hoppers in 1999. We had purchased the 4-day hoppers in 98 and had 2 days left on each of them. We decided that we would upgrade them to APs on our next trip in Nov 99. Well, rumor was that the International Gateway ticketbooths were not as busy as others around the “world”, so we decided to try it out. To make a long story short, the CM that helped us evidently didn’t check to see how many days were left on them and gave us credit like they had never been used. Came out to something like $600 less than we had planned on spending. When I tried to question him to make sure the amount he quoted was what I thought I heard, he just smiled and said that the amount was correct. That made a great trip even better. I’d like to be that lucky again some day when we go back. :wink:


baloo,that is so lucky!!!


Wow! That is amazing!
Glad to hear you were so lucky.


We were at the CR on a day when the computers were down in the game room also. DD and DH had a ball! Can’t beat free games!
Well I guess you can-upgrade to concierge. Good for you !