Amazing Mickey Buy


So like I said I have been working on my Mickey collection trying to increase in it so I have been bargain hunting on ebay. Well last Wed. I found an auction for 3 new stuffed animal Mickey’s brand new. One size was 28",22",and 20" so they were very big. And guess what I won it for? ONLY 5.00! It came today and it was so cool! It shows how much ebay can help sometimes since one of them was worth 22 ^_^.


How much was the shipping??


It was 9 which made it 14 but still the smallest one out of the three was bought at WDW and was 22.00 which had to make the other ones I’m sure more expensive. It was a great buy for my collection and now I go into my room and I get the crap scared out of me because I see this big fat Mickey looming over me from my shelve :laugh:


That’s a great price! Wow, I’m impressed!


Nice find on E-bay! Congratulations!


I’ve found some great Mickey stuff on Ebay for the guest room in our new house. I’m not into the stuffed animals, but I’ve gotten some great pewter coasters, a couple picture frames, and most recently the 75th anniversary Mickey talking phone! It was “used” but looks great and I got it for $28 (including shipping) when the new ones were going for $45 before shipping!! :heart: Ebay!!


Geez that is amazing for 28 for the final total. Good job! I just bought 12 vintage Mickey Mouse Golden Books for my collection and recieved them today. They were 10$ with shipping a little pricy but oh well good nab I think. See my collection is growing! I will get up to my 500 goal soon! :wub: