Amazing re-vamped Haunted Mansion Scene!


Watch this video of the newly improved attic scene at the Haunted Mansion. The bride is amazing… Watch closely and especially the end of the video where you will see a very good shot of the axe that appears out of NO WHERE in the brides hands… The imagineers really can do amazing things. !!!


WOW! That was pretty cool.


I am actually a little too frightened to watch it. :noo: haha. The bride in the HM is not one of my favorite images and actually I am not sure I’ve ever seen her through more than a slit in my purposely squinted eyes. Thank you for the video though, I am going to have to force myself to watch it b/c when I go to DL in June with my Dad I am SURE he is going to want to go on the Haunted Mansion MORE than several times. :dry:

:cool: :pinch: :angel:


That will have to be a “must see” when we go this summer.


Are they planning on this for WDW? This bride is so much cooler than the old one.


Wow, that is soooo much better! The old bride used to be a bit cheesy! Thanks for sharing the video, I can’t wait to see it in person!


WOW!! That’s pretty cool…thanks for sharing!


Too scary! TOO SCARY! (At least for DH5, who probably won’t be going on this for a while, anyway.)

I’m going to have to put this ride in the freezer for a while.


I’m kind of glad that it’s “too scary”. The haunted mansion needed that.

Roxie, I don’t know about any plans for WDW, but seeing how cool this is I’m sure they will put the technology in all the Haunted Mansions eventually.

Wishuponastar, given it a try yet? You won’t be sorry :slight_smile:


oh wow!! That’s both very cool and kind of scary! I can’t wait to go back and visit! Thank you for the link!!


Yeah, it’s way creepy. Her voice is so good for this.


This is sooooo cool! I have been to the DL HM, but it was a long time ago and I don;t remember the bride very well! But at WDW, I have always thought she could use a little help… an extreme makeover maybe! LOL


Ugh, I did! I am TOTALLY impressed by the “improvements” and I agree that the Haunted Mansion needed it (possibly MORE so in WDW) but let me tell you this is going to make the experience only THAT MUCH MORE miserible for me. :tongue: I am serious though, WDW AND DL; that whole attic bride, things popping out, heart beating, etc is like completely anxiety ridden for me. My Dad will be in love with it though. :glare:

PS: feel free to call me “Wish.” :happy: I know WishUponAStar can be annoying to write out.


Very cool and nicely done! :cool:


I like that!


That is so cool!


The axe part is AWESOME!!! How do they do that???

Is the DL bride’s story the same as the one at WDW? I thought the WDW bride was the one that was killed by Madame Leota, and the woman in the stretching room on the tombstone is the one that used the axe… (But I look up Haunted Mansion stories all over the internet and they’re all different, so I’m probably mixed up to begin with!)


Totally cool! :cool:

The “old” bride was pretty low end… CHEAP! :tongue: Now this one is sweet! Looks great and has some true spooky vibe. I will not miss the mannequin with a rad pulsing light, because I could make one myself in half an hour… Okay, maybe 45 minutes… :tongue: :wink:


That was a great video of the bride… I really wish they would update the one in Walt Disney World, the bride there is really cheesy looking… that would be wonderful if they changed it too… I was just there a week ago and it looked very clean but they really didn’t update things that I could tell. Thanks for the video…


that was absolutely amazing. My favorite ride just got better. On that same site you gave the link to there are wuite a few ride videos if anyone is interested. Watching those videos makes me want to go right now.