'American Idol Experience' preview at Disney Studios


Wow, I thought this was pretty interesting to read & it actually sounds a lot more exciting that I imagined at first. I definately plan on trying to watch one of the “Grand Finale” shows during my trip in June. I think it would be cool to sit in the audience!

Passholders’ American Idol Experience Tour (AllEars® Team Blog)


ooo… sounds exciting! Sounds VERY exciting if you actually want to be on American Idol on TV! A fastpass to a producer is a pretty fantastic grand prize.

I, personally, would just like to jam out off-key in the soundproof audition room and watch the casting director go :blink:.


The theatre looks absolutely beautiful compared to what it used to look like. This attraction may be something great after all.


I hope this turns out to be a good attraction. I always enjoy the ‘guest participation’ in Disney shows, but we will have to see how an entire show of it works out.
Should be interesting!