American idol


Anybody ever audition for ai and what to expect??? My dd wants to audition and what do i have to do. Is it all day?


I’m dying to see the details of this myself. It sound slike so much fun. Since I’m not afraid to get up in front of strangers and sing, I figure I could handle it…if they will let an old person up there.


and both you DD Debi and Jessie’s daughter should do just that! Why not? you have as much chance of everyone else. I know Debi is talented, and I would guess Jessie’s daughter is too, listen the worst they can say is No- the experience…awesome!


From what I know, if you get accepted, it will pretty much kill that entire day between all the waiting and being on call.


This is also what I have heard. There is also supposedly 144 songs to choose from. I would love to see what they are. My DW and I can’t wait to try it in Sept.


[QUOTE=jessie;964394]Anybody ever audition for ai and what to expect??? My dd wants to audition and what do i have to do. Is it all day?

We were just there last week we didn’t try out but there is a building in front of ABC commisary and if they are doing auditions at that time there will be CM standing outside to explain and a sign that says open auditions today.


Found this on AllEars® Team Blog: December 2008 Archives

[I]For those of you who want to try out to be a performer at the American Idol Experience, you’ll be able to pre-register online on Disney’s site, before you come down to Walt Disney World, or you can just simply turn up to audition on the spot. (You’ll have to be at least 14, though.) Those who audition will sing, a cappella, for a casting director in one of the four soundproof rooms. They’ll be allowed to bring one guest with them throughout the whole process.

If selected during the audition process, the contestant will next spend some time in the producer’s lounge, where they will be given an iPod holding 113 songs. They’ll have up to 20 minutes to listen to the tunes on the iPod to decide which one they would like to sing at the next step in the process – in front of the producer.

The producer’s room is slightly large than the basic auditioning booth. There the contestant will sing with accompaniment and will learn whether they are passing on to the next phase – to perform in front of an audience. There will be three to five contestants selected for each show.

Once the contestants are selected they will be given a special “vote for me!” lanyard to wear as they walk around the park for the remainder of the day, until they are tapped to perform. Contestants will receive a phone call about an hour before they are due to perform for the American Idol Experience – that gives them time to talk with the stage coach, vocal coach, and hair and makeup people.

As the tour guide told us, everyone will truly be set up for success.[/I]


Hey! I just found the list of songs. It’s at this website:

The American Idol Experience Song List | WDW Newsletter


I personally cant sing to save myself BUT i would like to watch and see what goes on here. Could be interesting.


The morning we went to HS they had a camera crew out front before they opened and had some CM’s asking random people if they wanted to try out … I was asked and politely said … “No Thank You” :redface: !!! Of course I’ll cover that in my next Trip Report !!! :laugh: