American yet?


Just checking if anyone has tried the new American Idol experience yet. I can’t wait to hear. I need details!!! Please!!


Supposed to be early February.


I have heard the the official opening day is February 14, but there are previews going on now. A previes is no guarantee that you will get to see the show.


I got this in an email, as Iam signed up for DAVID COOK:

…and on February 12, Walt Disney World Resort will host the world premiere of their new blockbuster attraction, “The American Idol Experience” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. David will perform live from the attraction on GOOD MORNING AMERICA (ABC) that morning, and will headline a special guest performance during the night’s event…


I am secretly hoping that they have soft opening when I am there…that will make the line to TSM shorter.:laugh:


Thanks for the info…so in a few weeks it’s open. Very cool!!


I posted a link around her somewhere with a review from someone who went to a soft opening?? I’ll see if I can find it?


here’s a full review from
INTERCOT Walt Disney World Information Guide - Discussion Boards


well, I know that for DVC Members and Annual passholders they are having a preview on Feb 5-8 I think


Ugh, am I the only person in America who is NOT excited about this at all? I hate to be Debbie Downer but the show got old for me about three seasons ago and I think the “experience” is just too little too late for me.


the funny thing is that I have always “HATED” I know strong words but I can’t stand it, but my g/f watches it so I end up just making fun of everyone on there. I think I would try to be an actual participant just to mess up so much and be one of those contestants that everyone laughs at. lol! thats about as farr as I go but more than making fun of them NO


It’s gotta be better than that attraction with Drew Cary with everything in the dark…lol…I can see where you are coming from because I know many people who just watch the first few weeks and then that’s it. Or, after 8 seasons they’ve just had enough. I never watched the show until season six, so it’s still kind of new to me.

And most of my family likes to sing.