Amtrak Transportation?


Is there a company that does transportation between Amtrak and WDW?


Welcome to Mousebuzz! I’m sure any car service would be able to do that for you without a problem. Try Quicksilver - there’s a link on the home page here. They’re wonderful. Their service includes a stop at a grocery store to stock up on snacks for your room.


You could always use a Taxi Cab, or try Mears.


mrsjcd3, I am curious about the Amtrak service… I see you are from Virginia! Can you tell me when you get on the train in Virginia, and when you arrive in Orlando? Oh, and what are the seats/rooms like? Thanks!


We took the auto train last year which runs from Lorton, VA to Sanford, FL. We did not get a sleeping accommodation due to the price, but we were able to rest in our reclining seats. They give you pillows and blankets and space you enough that we ended up having two seats each to ourselves. There were four of us, me, DH, DS and my niece. We would have done that again this year, but our party has grown and the cost of two cars was cost prohibitive.
This year we are taking the Silver Service from Union Station in Washington, DC to Orlando. We’ll leave DC around 3pm and arrive in Orlando around 10am. I say around as Amtrak shares the rails with the commercial trains. We have decided to rent two cars as that was cheaper than renting a mini-van. I was just wondering what transportation was available other than that. However, my husband felt we should just go the two car route.