my mom and dad and i will take the first train ride to Orlando. Please tell me what is the website of amtrak.


You will enjoy the train.

Go to www.


i will Exeriment6-2-6. It the website of amtrak is correct. i will do it right now.


my mom called amtrak today and i hope she make reservations online


I hope you take an awesome train ride Jeany!


this will be my first train ride ever. and i hope i like it. Thanks Ingamba. this will be one of the three musketeers ever have go to a train ride.


Have you made arrangments to get from the train station to your resort? Also have you chosen what train station to go to?


we did and the station is from miami to orlando and the hotel is the Animal Kingdom lodge.


my mom did and they said the train station will begin to Miami and stop from Tampa and then Orlando. the hotel will be the animal Kingdom lodge.


Have a GREAT train ride, Jeany!!! :happy:


You will have a ball!

Trains are fun, and it’s relaxing!


Make sure you go to the dining car and get something to eat. It’s fun to eat on a train!


i will ingamba you are nicest one of the three musketeers ever.


Have fun on the train. My Ds and his family (all eight of us) did the train thing a few years back. It was quite an adventure.


this will be our first adventure in the Sanchez family to take a train.


We took the train from NJ, so your train ride from Miami should be a breeze!


our family will like it too.


we have taken the ride from NYC to orlando…it is 24 hours of torture…


this is our first train ride ever.


I don’t want to be the stick in the mud, but we took the train from NJ once. NEVER AGAIN! Worst experience in our life - although we were on one of the unreserved trains.