An American Original - Walt Disney


Has anyone else read this book? It’s a MUST read for any Disney fan!

I just finished it and highly, highly recommend it. It pretty much starts with the birth of Walt and goes all the way up to his death. It’s about all the ups and downs he went through to achieve the Disney we know today. Just amazing!! I learned a few things too . . .

  1. WED Way people mover: I NEVER knew that WED was after Walt’s initials, [B]W[/B]alt [B]E[/B]lias [B]D[/B]isney. WED ENTERPRISES was also one of the first companies Walt incorporated.

  2. Snow White took over 2 MILLION cells to make (83 minutes of film) and earned OVER 8 Million Dollars in 1938 - AMAZING!! A movie ticket was only .23¢!! :eek:

  3. And this one I :laugh::laugh::laugh: at: Walt did not build either of the park near a beach, since he wanted to keep his parks “upscale” he didn’t want people touring his parks in their bathing suits! :laugh::laugh: [I](If he COULD only SEE what some people wear to the parks!!)[/I]:glare:


I read this entire book while I was waiting on set. I was there eight hours, and I can honestly say I never got bored. It was interesting, and kept my interest the whole time.

I really liked How to Be Like Walt by Pat Williams also. It tells his life story, but also takes instances and habits of Walt’s and translates them into how we can apply them to our lives.


RETLAW Inc. … I thought that was neat, since Walter is my name and my fathers too. We always joked with people and told them that was our name “Retlaw Snilloc” . We never knew that Disney did that to disguise his intentions on the Florida project. Great book, just finished it a week ago.

Best paragraph was about the completion of the park (Disneyland)… Walt was asked about being done and his reply was “Not Yet”, now we need the most important part… “People” .


Thanks for sahring. I have not read that one yet but I will now! :cool:


Sounds good. DD10 would love that book. I’ll have to find it for her.


Oh, I finished this book a few weeks ago! I really enjoyed it. I loved how it focused on Walt’s personal life, as well as his work life. It really gave a lot of information as to who he was as a person - not just what he accomplished and how he did it.

My only complaint was that Sharon’s adoption was completely skimmed over - almost as if it didn’t happen. It was mentioned in the introduction of the book, but when Walt’s life was being reviewed chronologically, it just said “They had a second daughter, Sharon.”


I’ve read this book and really enjoyed it. You might also want to read Walt Disney: Triumph of the American Imagination. It is more of a “warts and all” biography, so not always as upbeat as Thomas’ book, but it is very detailed; it also has a ot more pschological insight into Walt’s personality, which I enjoyed.