An AP question


We have got a group of people (2 rooms worth) going to WDW in January for 7 nights. We usually stay at a value resort and get the Ultimate Park Hopper passes. Would it be more cost effective for one of us to get a Premium AP (since we love Pleasure Island) to book the rooms, or just stick with our original plan? I’m not certain that we are going to be making it back there in a years time (but you never know :wink:
I have looked all over for information on the exact benefits of an AP, but I’m having a hard time finding any specifics. Any help you can give me would be appreciated!! Thanks!


January is value season,so you might see rates at the value resort as low as 49 dollars a night,which has been the rate in the past. If i remember correctly,if one person in the room gets the UPH,then the whole party has to get them. You might want to look into getting Park Hoppers or even have everyone get AP’s.


It is my understanding that one AP must be used for each room booked, but not everyone in the party, in each room needs to have an AP. My DS & I stayed at AKL in March and we only used my pass number to book the room. They never asked if she had a pass. Hope this is of some help. I agree, January is a great time to invest in at least one AP due to the fact that value season is when the best deals are available for AP holders. Have fun. :mickey:


Here are a few links to help you decide if AP’s are right for you:


If you check you can find the breakdown of when it would be paid for (how many nights), and also they have all the benefits listed. I think you break even after 9 nights for an AP, and I think 13 for a PAP.


If it’s only for PI that you want the PAP for, you may be better off just paying the entrance fee when you go each time rather than the difference between AP and PAP. I think I just read recently that they reduced the price to PI to $16.95 per person per night.


Thank You! I just saw on all ears that PI has dropped in price! I doubt that we’ll be hitting any water parks in January, so an AP may be the best option! Thanks again for all of your advice!!! :flowers:


I have booked two rooms with one AP in the past without a problem. Many times I need to take out the AP on my own, without the CM ever requesting it at check in.

When I booked two rooms, as long as I was paying both deposits with one name on the two rooms, it was fine.