An honest to goodness Disneyland Meet & Greet!


I am planning to fly stateside and will be in Disneyland in early October.

Anybody up for an official Meet & Greet?

Official Attendee’s List:

MouseBuzz User___________No. in party___________Status

  1. Experiment6-2-6___________(2)_______________Confirmed
  2. Peppertink________________(0)
  3. Disney&byudad____________(4)_______________Confirmed
  4. Unome1434_______________(x)_______________Unknown
  5. Pumouse_________________(0)
  6. Dznygirl__________________(2)_______________Confirmed
  7. Mr. Incredible_____________(1)_______________Confirmed


Absolutely! I would love to, and I’m pretty sure Pepperjack will come along as well! Where should we plan to have it?


Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen?


Yes, perfect! I have never been there, I would love to go there.


Yay! I’m glad y’all are gonna meet!


Would the 2nd of October fit into your plans?


Yep! Do we want to do dinner?


You can’t go wrong with the food there.:heart:

Though, if it’s just drinky poos, that ain’t bad either.:ohmy:

They sell MaCallen 18.:cool:

You can’t go wrong with single malt scotch.:wub:

But the Jazz Kitchen is a happy compromise between the Blue Bayou and Napa Rose.

Having eaten at all three, the Jazz Kitchen is my favorite that I can actually afford.:pirate:


Okay, dinner it is then! That way Pepperjack can come. Yay, I’m excited now!


I just sent a PM to her.

Hopefully this will work out… :wub:

But I’m flexible It might require a Saturday Night or something for this to work…:confused:


Hey pencil me in.

I won’t be there, but you wouldn’t be expecting me to show up anyway, right?


You will like it at my house then DH got 6 different Single Malts on the go at the moment and we live not far from a few distillerys as well!!

Now back to our original schedule…


I will be there in spirit for what that’s worth.


Jazz, alcohol, and DC/MB members… :crying: :crying:
Just think about me while you’re there, that’s all I ask.:flowers:


Maybe I’l just follow you around the boards so I can laugh in one long burst. :laugh:


What? what did I say?


Something funny!:blink:


Hmmm…Did someone say food??? Oh yeah…I’ll be there…unless I have to take a shower…:cool:


I think the Boss Mouse HAS to show up for a Disneyland Meet and Greet to absolve himself of his past wrongdoing…:pirate:


YES!! I was thinking the same thing!